In Argentina this is the situation…

Two facts showing the divisions of Argentina, first Cristina Fernandez danced in the Plaza de Mayo while in Tucumán citizens were repressed by police Alperovich quickly social networks expressed their solidarity with the Northern Province and its repudiation of attitude of the President. So the hashtag # TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja is viralizó and became trend. Cristina Fernández with Moria Casan and Sofia Gala BUENOS AIRES (Urgente24.)-Social networks are not immune to the political and social reality of the country, and against the repression that took place in Tucumán tonight, thousands of Internet users quickly expressed their repudiation of the facts of violence in the north and loaded their grievances to President Cristina Fernandez danced in those moments in the celebrations of democracy organized in Plaza de Mayo for the 30 years of democracy in Capital Federal. Thus, in solidarity with the people repressed by the police of the ruling government, José Alperovich users of the social network twitter, created the hashtag (label) # TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja that viralizó and quickly became one of the subjects more commented in the country on the Internet. Tweets in repudiation of the Plaza de Mayo party and repression in Tucumán @ Antikuka: # TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja the circus is always more important q people no lady? @ Ro_scarpe: # TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja to god this is over already!. @ Aldarion77: # # TambiénBaila TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja very cheeky!. @ Cecilias69: # TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja. The country in flames and boluda celebrating. @ Apichela8: Police yet to reach # TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja neighborhoods. @ CaroPorta: # TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja how much sadness … @ Brenknudsen: “@ dariotoucedo: bleeds Tucuman, Jujuy too! The country is sinking, she dances ..!! No words or kick, “# TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja. @ Jota_Canelada: Today’s story was an unpardonable ridicule for my province. # TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja. @ Benjaminovejero: # TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja dead people thousands of frightened people come to rob merchant houses that lose everything and old celebrate. @ ReinasArgentina: That country’s deplorable in capital celebrating 30 years of democracy, and # TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja. @ M4ri3l44: I just pray to God that the pain would not be indifferent to sing @ GiecoLeon … HOLAAA! # TucumanLloraYCristinaFesteja.


We are Anonymous, we are legion, we do not forget, do not forgive. Espect Us





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