“We saved the Gendarmerie, the police prevented them continue to make shots,” said Eduardo Boulos, Tucuman merchant who was brutally injured yesterday in Independence Square, where the provincial force repressed the neighbors who had gathered to protest the looting they had suffered during the police strike.

merchants and citizens tucumanos honked their pots in the center. Then they moved to Independence Square. There, a few hours later, violence broke out. Infantry local first, police threw gas and rubber bullets. National Gendarmerie then hit with shields and sticks demonstrators. It was the corollary to 48 hours in fear as a result of looting and the extent of the police force, made by a wage claim. Violence was moved from the periphery to the heart of the city. In Independence Square neighbors outraged by the lack of security gathered to blame the governor, José Alperovich, lack of conflict resolution that caused huge losses to traders and fear among tucumanos. The mobilization was called by the social networks. Close to 19, after Alperovich announced the agreement with police, demonstrators who arrived early were installed in front of the Government House, encircled with fences. “Security”, asked the screaming. Also sang the National Anthem twice. The climate soured when some left caceroleros not circulate the traditional march by impunity, claiming the clarification to the murder Lebbos, inter alia. Social autoconvocados lambasted the presence of signs of the Workers Party, arguing that the call was spontaneous, citizen and non-political. There was however union leaders and other sectors there, although no obvious identification. The tension grew. And the anger was growing. To the extent that the protesters rushed the fences and clean sweep the steps of the headquarters of the Executive. The two policemen who were not watching the advance of the jumbo. Some vented their fury with blows to the official cars parked there, among them, which usually moves to the governor. They put stickers of The Wire and they threw eggs. While people are focused on the main gate of the Government House, more police arrived. And that fueled the unrest. The protesters surrounded the building May 25 and San Martin. Tension moved to the side access to the headquarters of PE. A police car was the victim of public anger, but the driver pulled out at high speed, caused no injuries, but took insults. Then, the pull-outs filled with garbage and other waste place, set fire and that the reaction generated Infantry, which went repress with tear gas and rubber bullets. Runs began to Independence Square and at the time, intervened Gendarmerie Corps made a retreat into the building and went to disperse the protest. The postcard was blood and nerves. One person was hit by a rubber slug hit him in the head. The image of Eduardo Boulos, the wounded, traveled around the country. “I shot her police: I just came to protest. I pay my taxes and I could not open my bar because of all this, “he told this newspaper. Another young man was shot in the leg, while one person was treated for asphyxiation caused by inhaling pepper gas. “We did not abandon service. Were working, but can not throw stones, or damage the historic old Government House, “explained Jorge Cruz commissioner asking him to safety. Carmelo Gavilan, Gendarmerie commander, said his goal was only to care for the protesters. But there was friction against attending the convocation, including journalists and photographers covering the protest. Neighbors barricaded sticks and weapons threats from poaching Calm yet peeked Tucumán. Many people stayed up, watching their homes. Several corners of Tucumán are closed by barricades armed neighbors. Tires, branches, debris and whatever is at hand, is used to protect against theft that left terrorized the province. Beside these improvised barriers neighbors, armed with sticks, knives and guns are, guarding the corners and protecting their homes, lack of response from the security forces. Although the Government agreed with the police, residents of several neighborhoods in Tucumán not find peace and keeps them awake, alert for any suspicious movement. Simply take a motorcycle two people to a neighbor shoot the air to circulate around the fear that looters came. The panic was looting, are still suffering in Tucumán. Looting left a balance of at least four dead The number of injured is still difficult to determine in Tucumán. As with the number of people apprehended for looting. Officially, the government could require only four deaths as a result of the incidents between Monday and yesterday. The police repression to stop the looting that were taking place in supermarkets and other businesses produced several wounded firearms. According to information provided to the police, killed two men who were shot during the police repression. In addition, a young motorcyclist died in a traffic accident while allegedly withdrew from a sacking. Late last night the death of a man at 3800 Avenue Jujuy, who was shot was confirmed. They also were shot a 51 years old and a 17, during the confrontation between employees of a distributor “Sancor” against looters. Police said the rest of the wounded were injured by rubber bullets and shock. Guards in public hospitals last night they could not specify the number of people who attended.










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