Web virulent reaction against looting in Argentina

Tucumán reaction to looting is not limited to making weapons and guards citizens against businesses. As a roll of bets Facebook groups seeking to organize looting, have also generated groups that call for violence combat such abuse. In addition, some other groups have already been devoted to “escrache” looters generating some positive results. Looting in Tucumán … Pure LCD BUENOS AIRES (Urgente24) – If you are creating Facebook groups seeking to organize looting the 12.20.13 was known, also appeared on the popular social network groups organized vandalism against these movements (see related article). For example, the so-called “anti black looters Patrol” tries to stem the tide of looting a brutal way the description reads.: “Well join the wave is when these niggers who want to loot and go together well and cagarlos villeros punches by not knowing how to write and how people come together. That people are all invited” Escrache page looters of Cordoba and Mar del Plata has more than 33,000 “likes” on the social network and served at the time so police could start investgaciones on looters. In Tucumán plundering different groups widened anti obviously aggrieved by the excesses population not only chose to arm themselves to avoid being a victim, but also articulates via social networks. The Anti-group Tucumán plundering, posts videos and pictures of looters, and several citizen reports from users about incidents in different parts of the province, especially San Miguel de Tucumán. Another group, which has more than 20 thousand users reads: “This is a group for infromarse, prevent and share travel information about looting Locations, stories, photos, etc. …”. It is in this group that have been published several videos that show neighboring looters held for looting. Justice in their own hands is a dangerous tool that harms democracy and government inaction around the subject (who report more destabilizing hidden operations) is symptomatic of a new year of 2013 seems to be showing a lot less than democratic peace government project failed attempts manner.





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