According Jailbreak iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad: This is what we do

iOS 7 contains some functions that have “killed” several of the most popular Jailbreak applications, such as the Control Center, you can replace SBSettings. The new multitasking resembles Auxo application folders no longer limit as could do with InfiniFolders or animated clock was achieved with LiveClock Photo: Google Change the look of iOS 7 As mentioned, the design has been the highlight of the new version to be the first time that such a radical change is made. The structure of the system is the same but both icons and applications have adopted a flat appearance, with thin fonts that quite resembles Windows Phone. For many users this change has been well received and feel that the new design is better than the last, but not liked by everyone. As always, Apple still does not let us change the system design beyond putting a wallpaper, but the jailbreak will be possible deeper changes. Platforms like Winterboard and Dreamboard have a very extensive catalog of custom themes that allow even go back to the design of iOS 6. Information Add widgets to the Control Center The Control Center is one of the arguments used by those who claim it is not necessary to Jailbreak iOS 7. This area allows us to (finally) manage some quick settings like WiFi, Bluetooth or rotation lock. Although it is a necessary function, remains incomplete. Application developers could take advantage of Jailbreak panel to add new functions as a switch to the mobile network, direct access to Facebook and more. Improve multiatarea Multitasking has also improved in iOS 7, although the improvement is more aesthetic. Apple still does not let us close all applications at once and we go one by one or at most two by two, making it much more tedious task. With the Jailbreak We could have a button to shut all open processes in a single touch. Functions of iPhone 5S previous models Last but not least, with Jailbreak not have much fragmentation in the system. News of iOS 7 are not available on all models of iPhone, such as real-time filters, panoramic photos or new AirDrop system. Thanks to Jailbreak These functions may be traveling to older iPhone models.




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