Apple Is Working in Their Own Virtual Reality Goggles

Apple patent goggles virtual reality Several years ago they began to see the specialized media technology a large and quite bulky glasses that hid a system of virtual reality. Were quite striking, but were a bit forgotten. Well, Apple has filed a patent that shows a screen mounted in a sort of head support which reminds me of this type of sunglasses. Some might think that the Cupertino company wants to copy Google and Google Glass, but these glasses have nothing to do with design and features with goggles search giant. It seems that Apple is interested in virtual reality Apple’s patent describes an elaborate system of glasses that could pass for a pair of skier or older who used to ride a motorcycle, but these leading entertainment features inside, which allow the user to enjoy a immersion in video, film or game you are running. Instead of projecting the game, film or video on a big screen, this system makes the projection onto a screen installed in the glasses, which gives the feeling of being projected onto a large screen virtual size. Perhaps you may know a project called Oculus Rift. It is a virtual reality device with a wide field of vision that is being developed by the company Oculus VR. This project is related to the game, trying to bring the game action through a goggle system very similar to what Apple has shown in the patent that I discussed. Another company is also working on a similar system is Valve, which could present his own solution of virtual reality together with its announced Steam Machines. But the Apple patent shows some interesting features beyond virtual reality, such as a retinal scan, a fingerprint scanner and a scanner to identify the user voice and preload personal settings. The system could even detect any vision problems and adapt to them, remembering the settings. The glasses have the possibility to take into account the glasses and contact lenses user, or even determine the limitations of vision for themselves. As you see in the picture above, the system would connect to wireless devices. As explained in BGR, Apple seems determined to dive into improving the user experience when it comes to entertainment devices.






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