What hidden Whatsapp

Many of us are already familiar with Whatsapp, the instant messaging service for smartphones, which has won fans around the world for its ease of use and low cost, although there are alternatives such as LINE, but we do know that we accept when we signed the conditions of use. If the conditions of use, it’s this long text technicalities in English you every time you install a new application, one where you press, if I accept, without even reading the first paragraph of the document but appears Are you aware of what these ? accepting, what are the responsibilities that you assume, will stop Where your data, well here summarize some important points in Spanish of the long text, so at least be a little aware?: WhatsApp can only be used for over 16 years. Children under 16 are agree to be specified under the parental consent, unless we are legally emancipated. WhatsApp terms may change at any time, the user is responsible to review them periodically to check for changes and decide whether to continue using the application or not. NO means do accept change. The application is not required to notify you of these changes. WhatsApp does not guarantee the confidentiality of conversations and content exchanged in their service. As if this point does not stay too obvious. WhatsApp not bar conversations, only hidden. Nothing new under the sun, when we remove conversations, status updates and other these are stored in your database and although we did not see in our terminal. WhatsApp not only use our phone number but also our entire agenda. To offer personalized services with the contact list filtered to show only those using WhatsApp, the service collects data from all of our agenda. WhatsApp receives all data on our agenda, these are the data that we have entered all of our contacts: name, surname, email, photo, physical address and birthday to all fields that have filled. You become responsible for the information in your address book or contact the application or you are responsible. The application assumes that your contacts want to be in your database and you are responsible for this to happen. WhatsApp is not responsible for the content you send through it. Ie if we send a link to illegal content, it is considered that this was their responsibility. If we violate the Terms of Service repeatedly WhatsApp service can eliminate us. This is at the discretion of their WhatsApp Authorized employees, agents, or SuperAgents superheros. Those who have access to the database and therefore your messages, photos, information and need I go on?. The last paragraph of the Terms of Use says: USE THIS FOR FUN. I do not think I need but if I’m wrong translation goes something like “Confíanos your data and your contacts, do not try to make money with the application and we do not get into any trouble,” to use a more literal translations translator.






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