China builds a new base in Antarctica

China plans to expand its presence in Antarctica with the construction of a fourth base of research while looking for a fifth place, reported on Thursday a state newspaper.
Chinese researchers have been joining forces to improve their scientific contribution beyond its borders. This is evident by sending submersible to explore the ocean floor and placing your first probe to the surface of the moon, who last weekend took place.
The Asian giant’s new camp in Antarctica, called Taishan, is part of an attempt to catch up in terms of the investigation of the white continent.
According to China Daily, “China is recovering from his delay after being late to scientific research in Antarctica,” citing Qu Tanzhou, the Arctic and Antarctic Administration State Oceanic Administration.
China already has three bases in Antarctica: Great Wall, Zhongshan and Kunlun. “Building Taishan camp and inspect places to another station can ensure that Chinese scientists conduct research in a wide range safely,” said Qu.
The Chinese announcement coincides with a striking discovery that Australian scientists revealed that in the icy mountains of Antarctica there are deposits of kimberlite, a type of rock that contains diamonds.
The basis of Taishan will be used during the summer at the South Pole, from December to March, for geological and glaciers, geomagnetism and atmospheric sciences and climate change.
Taishan is near the U.S. base McMurdo, the South Korean and Italian Zucchelli recently built.
“As the country expands its presence in Antarctica, is also improving its scientific capacity with a new icebreaker will be built and fixed-wing aircraft for future polar exploration,” clarified the China Daily.



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