Early reviews and practical impressions of the new Mac Pro have begun to emerge online. Here is a summary of the first.

The new Mac Pro is a professional horse battle dress with a high design package very attractive. It is an exaggeration to say that this is a team for occasional users, but the starting price is no more than you would pay for a Windows PC configured similarly, the radically different to attract any design enthusiast design.

The depth of his skills as a video editing and creation of professional-level tools are both too large to fully explore an initial day or two, and something beyond our reach consumer-focused standard, therefore This page will be updated with new impressions and performance results in the coming days.

Aesthetically, the anodized aluminum is more reflective than any other Apple products, which also means it is more sensitive to fingerprints. It also looks less black than it does on the Apple site.

The Verge:
It is surprisingly reflective, I can see the screen clearly, and anyone walking around. Collect fingerprints very easily touch. But it is beautiful, discreet, and looks great on a desk next to the monitor Sharp 4K we have bought him.
It is particularly handsome in his box, exposing the machinery of the Mac Pro, but thus required to dissipate heat.

Mac Pro 2013 hands-on: a look at Apple’s miniature powerhouse

The top of the Mac Pro serves a dual function as an outlet for the ventilation system and surprisingly quiet as a handle for transporting equipment. With only 5 kilos, it’s easy to carry in a bag when needed. In the back of the Mac Pro are all ports and connections, which light up when the system detects movement nearby.

An amazing for fans of Final Cut Pro X 10.1 with update day, but do not forget that a new hardware for it, the new Mac Pro have been very lucky to receive a unit, so here’s the unboxing we receive in the office this afternoon.




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