Malvinas: Chain suspicions

“People are recognized in its true form, the day have faded ghosts of hatred, meanness that needs to govern.” Ernst Junger (La Paz, p.45).

A conflict with background
After having announced the imminent exploitation of an oil well in the Falklands area, a diplomatic dispute between the Argentine and British governments ensued. Congress passed a law with penalties against companies that lend themselves to exploit the deposits in the archipelago and then I think the Secretary of Falkland, with Daniel Filmus, montonero as director. David Cameron said: “Argentina’s government will never succeed in any attempt to distort the history of the islands,” but added that Britain “will always be ready to defend” the Falklands. If you know that there is no possibility of any threat in the short or medium term as Argentina does not have military forces. It is true that Britain wants to awaken nationalism to its political interests, but it also responds to a long-term strategy, a British state policy.

There is one fundamental question that answers this British strategy and has interests in common with Great Britain.

Suspicious coincidences
But David Cameron, C. Kirchner and D. Filmus have something in common, hostility by the armed forces Argentinas to both considered enemies.

Let’s review the facts. First: Many prisoners Argentine government were veterans of the Falklands.

While it is now offset by the government and other herbs issue Milani, President Horacio Verbitsky CELS was practically a minister without portfolio and very close friend to the former Minister of Defense, Nilda Garre veteran commander montonera. Verbitsky was head of intelligence acted Montoneros and reached the General Milani, until C. Kirchner asked to resign to Garre, not as Minister of Defense, but Security. Verbitsky remained without influence in the army and charged C. Kirchner via Milani.

Many of the complaints against military, civilians and members of security forces, originated in the CELS, an organization that receives funding from the Ford Foundation. While the foundation is of American origin, has a special directory for the UK in London.

Is there a Cameron-Kirchner alliance to destroy the tradition of the Argentine Armed Forces, through the persecution of its members, especially the veterans of the Falklands?

This would be a strategic decision and a state policy of the UK government, to destroy any future military adventure Argentina over the archipelago and at the same time to the Argentine government, any trace remember the attack against Argentina and montoneros army and security forces.

A common enemy
The Argentine government’s silence about the war crimes of the British paratroopers after combat Mount Longdon and refusal of the British government to investigate these allegations made by his own troops, striking.

We all know of the murder of Argentine prisoners by the British 3rd Parachute Battalion (3PARA), commanded by him, at the time, Lieutenant Colonel Hew Pike and repeatedly have denounced these pages, La Nueva Provincia of Bahia Blanca and radio programs.

However Hew Pike continued his military career reaching the rank of Lieutenant General and appointed him Knight of the Realm, Sir Hew Pike now.

Contrary Falklands hero like Colonel Losito is currently a political prisoner of this government and our suspicion is: is also a British prisoner?

The first pursued
The first defendant had fought subversion was Lieutenant Commander Alfredo Astiz, who was an intelligence officer in the Navy during the Castro-Soviet attack during the Cold War. His performance was outstanding in Georgia, despite what the propaganda says the two enemies. Consider the facts.

The April 25, 1982, British troops landed and attacked the group of Lizards, led by Astiz. Within hours Astiz, commanding only 15 men and 39 civilian workers, was surrounded by troops vastly superior in numbers and subjected to shelling destroyer HMS Antrim and the frigates HMS Plymouth and HMS Brilliant position, supported by logistics ships RFA Fearless Tidespring and HMS. Formerly Captain had ordered civilians to leave the area and take cover by a mile distant position building. After the first bombing, British forces Astiz urged to surrender but he refused (Jorge Antonio Patané story, head of scrap operators in the TV Tome Biasatti). Resumed the attack, Los Lagartos endured a new barrage of projectiles, very violent, while the strength of the Company M of 42 Commando Royal Marines commanded by Major J. M. Sheridan shook the fence. It was before a second notice by the deposed Astiz enemy weapons.

Then the action of the anti-subversive war Astiz was used by Margaret Thatcher and members of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, as an element of political propaganda against Argentina, in the middle of the Falklands War. The British leader also proud of having caused his military victory, restoration of this today call democracy in Argentina.

Margaret Thatcher started the persecution, continued Raul Alfonsin and now coincides with accusations of Thatcher, the reopened Nestor and Cristina Kirchner. Cameron is one of the successors of Thatcher.

And the human rights of the Argentine soldiers?
We know the double message of the Kirchner government on human rights, but in this case ignorance thereof, becomes more tragic notes.

Recall. The Sergeant Pettinger (the 3PARA) murderer of two shots a wounded Argentine soldier who was on the ground. Sergeant Gary Sturge, murderer another Argentine soldier, wounded in the leg, that showed a crucifix with one stone. So did the Cape Pedemonte (EA) and a British sergeant collected ears Argentine soldiers, while other prisoners were cornered against a rock and shot dead, while some cried out for their mothers. Another prisoner soldier was hit in the face with a rifle butt while a fallen comrade a paratrooper he sank down to another argentino, his bayonet downloading all his weight on it so that was introduced into the same well. All this after combat and unarmed prisoners and some injuries.

Argentine troops also committed excesses as in any war, but did not reach the end of murdering unarmed prisoners and wounded and especially after the fight. Moreover the Commander (IM) Pedro Edgardo Giachino, gave his life heroically to prevent British casualties in the assault on the governance of the Falklands. While 3PARA dishonored its glorious tradition of Arhem (1945) against the SS. It seems that the successor of the latter were infected. And the Argentine government rolled the Argentina flag throwing accusations own Argentine troops and denying that the War had popular support. War was tragically wrong decision, but it was immensely popular.

All these crimes against humanity, were ignored by Nestor and Cristina Kirchner, but they and David Cameron have the prisoners themselves and continue to attack the same enemy in common.

Of course, neither David Cameron nor is Winston Churchill Cristina Kirchner is Julio Argentino Roca.




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