Neither Cristina nor read Open Letter to Jauretche

Was best-seller in the ’60s Jauretche book called “Manual of Argentine zonceras” in which the critical thinker Peronist Argentina culture that denied his identity to want to look at grade imitation, he considered other cultures above. According to Salvador Carlos La Rosa, today alleged ideological heirs of Don Arturo fall into that which he criticized because zoncera transformed into a national thought in the mid-20th century, came to criticize the extranjerizantes zonceras. How is this? Read:

Jauretche, creator of thought claimed by K and violated by K.

“Thanks for the confidence DirecTV in Argentina. The exponential growth that had revealed the growth of consumption of Argentine. In our villas also see an antenna. I know many are bothered, but the truth is that everyone can access better quality of life, irrespective of where they live ”
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.
MENDOZA CITY (Los Andes). Kirchner-progressivist. Kirchner accused almost every kirchneristas not be breeding process of playing Argentine coup restoration. The most innocent enough criticism of the government to be stigmatized, unless one decides to go to the side of good, and then he was forgiven. No need to repent of anything they did, they only had to adhere to the “model” to move from villain to hero.
While Lilith coup accused her of having worked in the Justice of the ‘Process’, filled with compliments to his own trial judge, Eugenio Zaffaroni, today turned-judge ‘model’.
While quasi criminal accused everyone who had had a place in the ‘Process’, they had their own official process, and family, Alicia Kirchner, who also celebrates the Day Montonero.
All journalists, just to have worked in the ‘Process’ or just work for a company that worked for the ‘Process’ have blood on their hands, unless they do K and then create a ‘procesista’ daily and direct, becomes sufficient to be appointed chancellor under.
The Moyano unionism that was before ‘revolutionary’ now became ‘procesista’ since Kirchner away, while unionists ‘Process’, seriously, as Gerardo Martinez are defended by the government to the hilt.
Eliminated the laws of obedience and end point, until they decided to make their own and then put as the supreme authority of the Army to a military accused of the same things that they accused and condemned the rest of the military ‘Process’.
Earlier in dictatorship to survive in power had to swear on the basis of the “National Reorganization Process’ rather than the Constitution. Today must be done by the national and popular project rather than by the Constitution and then you go from repressor revolutionary in the blink of an eye.
Privatistas nationalization. Son nationalization because they are properties moving from private to state, but are privatizing because your goal is to benefit the private interests that are supposed harm to the expropriation. It is a fabulous medium-term business expropriated.
The biggest example is the expropriation of YPF, to make it more revolutionary, was sold to the public as a seizure, why not pay anything and in one of those Repsol should pay us. The end result? A year and a peak was traded with Repsol for the same cost that it was passed when the state hands over a hearty interest in student horseplay simulate confiscation.
So, end up paying 100% of their actual value plus the interest taken. Surely the same will happen with all the other companies that claim at ICSID. While others, like Ciccone, the nationalized to cover the corruption committed by none other than the second institutional authority of the republic.
From revolution to involution. The first 2 years of the second administration of Cristina tried to be the most revolutionary Kirchner. Instead of using 54% of votes still to correct correctable model mismatches, decided to deepen the errors, to finish the revolution.
Then they took Repsol as Leninists took the Czar’s palace, to malvinero.
They invented a ploy to ally with Iran, because he asked his Bolivarian Venezuela-partners, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, which are the only allies of Iran in the world, as are also the only allies of Argentina in the world.
They tried to change the constitution by another populist Republican to re-re-elect Cristina on behalf of another alberdiano opposed to ideological dogma.
Legislated eliminate justice organization as it exists today, not to reform but to make it entirely partisan.
With the 7D were proposed end with the “bourgeois” press, and with all the press in general.
Decided definitively close the country to the ravages of globalization (in which also include Mercosur) by a heterodox program that take us away from the corrupt world and we did become the second revolutionary island in the world, under the tactical direction of Moreno and strategic Kicillof, which included price controls, import close, the dollar trap, all to sustain subsidies that benefit both equally poor as billionaires.
And as in the 2 years ‘revolutionary’ not hit into one, now trying to retrace the path of the “deepening” saying it will further deepen, but fixing with half the world. Although they have no idea how.
The conservative revolution. The only long-term policy of Kirchner is the short term, because it is a strictly conservative government. Want to stay where you are without changing anything. So invents a revolutionary language, to maintain on behalf of a rhetorical change the status quo.
Do not want to do the ‘revolution’ because they already came to her from the moment they got into government. Thus, if it came, the only deepening interests them is to do whatever it takes to stay in power no one to serve.
His greatest happiness is to follow where they are for the closest possible time to eternity. Is a conservative revolution whose alleged existence depends on keep everything the same.
Kirchner boys. Environment and ideology are brutally Cristina away from all connection with reality. To get away from the Peronist but following within Peronism and being the representative person of the country, decided to rule with one of the most unrepresentative factions that exist, able to propose any ideological infatuation for his dismissal.
Rely entirely on them (which Nestor never did), took her to the last two years of more abstract ideologism to take the most ridiculous measures. And now, in reply to the total failure, falls into a worse than the more pragmatic Peronism, as happened with the appointment of Milani, which horrified even the most opportunistic of all Peronists pragmatism: Miguel Angel Pichetto, Menem and Kirchner more consistent, always pa ‘send what you like. Imagine what it must be Milani’s rise to up to people of this catadura shame you defend.
Fear is not goofy. There impunity arising from excess power, but others come from fear. Be very scared to force Attorney General’s Office to take a tax for investigating Baez Lazarus.
If you do not feel guilty and discovered, would not all gross batons are doing to cover their responsibilities. When cast medium judiciary to try to save Boudou still believed unpunished, but today cast a tax because they are paralyzed by fear. Changes, everything changes.
The evil of Argentina is abundance. Those who know say, “Vaca Muerta may end up killing us and transform into an emirate. The problem of Argentina is more abundant than the “. Indeed, if Argentina continues to live only from natural resources will continue butter pulling the ceiling and then reiterate that replace the Baldwin expanded waste it made with soy. The fault is not so much of this government but too generous land for people too spenders.
In search of lost boxes. To release without changing Kirchner need boxes, but there is no inside, so you have to find out. Not that it has become “right”. You can not nationalize private pension funds and more loot more central banks. Now the only thing left is to go out manguear lasting in the same practices that already squandered everything. It’s not about being pro or anti IMF, the important thing is silver.
Follow the dance, do the dance. Believe that when dead-generated social chaos should not dance for pandering to the provocateurs. Believing that the dead are distinct right to left, the other inside the center, the December 2001 other than December 2013. We-as-front Jauretche we told the mother of all follies, and worst of all, that best encapsulates a time of degradation, dancing on the Titanic.
Plasmas for villas. We speak of total delirium suggest that if in the villages grow tevé antennas is because the people are improving their quality of life. He said, I swear I said, though you may not believe. But back to the beginning of this note.
PS: The list is seemingly endless, so if you want, follow supplementing you.




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