10 Future events that could wipe out humanity

10 Future events that could wipe out humanity

The world could end at any time in the blink of an eye.

10. Ice Age
 Climate change may be the trigger to fire a little ice age as occurred 11,000 years ago in the era known as recent ‘Dryas’.
“Currently, no one knows what will happen to ocean currents and their effect on the glacial oscillations due to climate change, there are too many factors involved.”

09. Malthusian Catastrophe

 A Malthusian catastrophe would be a return to subsistence-based economy that occurs when agricultural production can not sustain the increased population.

08. Technological Singularity
 Are we willing to accept a technologically enhanced from the radical transformation of its natural human species? Is is already producing technological singularity that will lead to an irreversible evolutionary leap of mankind toward the posthuman? What is the role of consciousness, ethics and democracy to control abuses in this process?

07. Global Warming
Global warming is the continuing rise in global average temperature: specifically the temperature of the atmosphere and oceans. But beware – that does not mean that all places will be warmer!
The increase in global temperature cause changes in weather patterns, so some places may experience drought while others are flooded, cold places become warmer and, in some cases, the hot areas get colder. Hence the term “climate change” is also used to talk of global warming, both terms refer to the same phenomenon.

06. Supervolcano
 The overall damage of a supervolcano occurring depends on where and how long the tape gas atmosphere. Taupo, New Zealand, was the most recent supervolcano 26,500 years ago. However, the most damaging supervolcano in human history was Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia, 74,000 years ago. Ecuador was pretty close, so I injected gas quickly in both hemispheres. The data show that temperatures fell dramatically the next five or six years, with icy conditions in the tropics.

 A supervolcano in 12 times more likely that a large meteorite impact. There is a 0.15% chance of that happening in our life. The sites to be monitored are already exploited in the past, as in the U.S. Yellowstone and Toba. But more troubling is knowing that a supervolcano could erupt in a place that is not broken ever before, as in the Amazon rainforest.

05. Gamma-ray burst
Every few decades, a giant star in our galaxy, the Milky Way, is out of fuel and explodes. It is what is called a supernova. Cosmic rays (high-energy particles, such as gamma rays) extend in all directions. If it turns out that the Earth is in the middle, can cause an ice age. If Earth already has a cold climate, an extra download cosmic rays could make things really helasen and perhaps cause the extinction of a number of species. The greater danger when Earth passes through the spiral arm of the Milky Way, which is where most supernovas. This happens about every 150 million years. Paleoclimatic indicators show that at that time there was a cold period on Earth, with more ice at the poles and many ice ages.
04. World pandemic
Over the last century we have had 4 major epidemics besides AIDS and SARS-severe acute respiratory syndrome, which has extended the use of masks in China and Asia. The massive plague pandemics every century and the world is inevitable that at least one occurring in the future. At present, the most serious concern is the virus of H5 avian flu in chickens in Southeast Asia. If this virus learned to be transmitted from human to human could spread rapidly around the world. The 1918 flu caused 20 million deaths in just one year, most of which caused the First World War. A similar outbreak today could have a devastating impact
03. Impact of Event
 A very large time scales, the risk of dying as a result of the impact of a near-Earth object is roughly equivalent to the risk of dying in a plane crash. To cause a big problem for our civilization, the impact would have to be about 1.5 kilometers wide or greater. We hope an event like this, about every million years. The dangers associated with this big an impact include a huge amount of dust in the atmosphere that could turn sunlight for weeks to affect the lives of plants and crops that sustain life. Firestorms would result of reentry of hot fragments and severe acid rain. All these effects are relatively short-term, so that the most adaptable species (cockroaches and humans, for example) could probably survive.

02. Experimental Accident
A Russian website made a list of the five experiments that could lead to the apocalypse and thus ending humanity. They revolve around the impact of technology and ambition along with science to cover as many aspects of human life.
 Recreation Big Bang
The quantum Zeno effect
Foreign matter
Travel through time
01. Death of the Sun
 Not happen tomorrow but inevitably the Sun will die. Yes, our star will cease to exist. During that event, the Earth and our descendants will disappear with it. How is it then? What will happen to the sun? We explain how the process by which a dying star becomes a monster capable of wiping out much of the surrounding planetary system takes place.


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