Jailbreak iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad: Some of his controversial

First and most strange is to publicize the Jailbreak so soon, but soon further allegations surfaced that a suspect installer was appearing in Chinese iPhone users after applying the Jailbreak

The controversy is served and the whole affair has led to accusations between the hackers of the jailbreak scene involving alleged payments millionaires, theft exploits and worst of all: piracy of applications. What would be good news quickly became a source of problems and alleged lies, leaving many users wondering the same thing: is it safe to install iOS Jailbreak 7? We explain the situation and try to resolve all doubts. Information tusequipos.com
Why have you posted as soon Jailbreak and what are the consequences?
This is the first question everyone asked when users arrival yesterday afternoon Jailbreak was announced and finally there is a credible argument that the Christmas gift response. When launching the Saurik announced himself, the creator of Cydia, said on Twitter that he was not even consulted with him. The result is that Evasi0n7 contains an unofficial version of Cydia that has not been properly tested and therefore many applications do not work in this version. Users who have installed the Jailbreak found that most of their favorite tools do not start and sometimes block the device.
The Evad3rs have precipitated, but what has led to this? The motive was simple: money. Taking a look at the explanation given on their website yesterday and tweets from other hackers in the scene, the team formed by Pod2g, MuscleNerd, and Pimskeks Planetbeing was not the only one working on the Jailbreak. This shot would have been so hasty result of competition with another group of hackers led by Geohot, the creator of the Jailbreak. The first team has completed the jailbreak and running would take a large sum of money (talking about a million dollars), logically Evad3rs did not want to miss nor derails months of work.
Hurry did not result in anything good, the Untethered Jailbreak works and as soon as you update Cydia problems will be over. Despite the fact of having published now for iOS version 7.0.4, when Apple is already testing iOS 7.1 will make the company the block soon. One would have to wait for iOS 7.1 to launch, and have had some benefit, but now Apple released iOS 7.1 in the coming weeks and will close all exploits. They have uncovered letters before time and be affected users to install iOS 7.1 Jailbreak and lose.




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