Our Idea

A planet is not destroyed by itself is destroyed because No preservation policy! Companies, are pummeled by the powers, Major Multinational BUY FOOD! ! Example? IBM buying potato fields! We have checked with amazement as “handles” the most humble to the lack of education, lack of water (another factor to consider) more FAMINE then Those inept, STUPID, UNABLE to handle power just FUCK THE HUMBLE . We are today proclaiming this for a particular reason, once we have said that, The Art of hacking is to search, locate, penetrate and destroy a system without a trace and as we have said and will continue doing our thing is just that ie not figured! ! We consider it our duty to do something for those people who need us and we do not footprints but because we believe that Anonymous should be to Serve Those peoples and Gloria (if any) should be just of them, nothing but them we are only His Servers. Many Thanks for reading / reading us. …

Sorry for the omission DRUGS but those same “leaders” HAVE ALLOWED play today and also added to what was said above that a more important role, the alcohol, the same football Mal designed and in many cases cause PAID for power and VIOLENCE distort the values ​​of a society that can be cultured PRECIAR example, Amsterdam (Netherlands). They live in a more orderly, organized, have seen there a people with other cultural values ​​Highs, Germany, France and why not Japan just to name a few countries.


Am: Deutsch Romantisch, Greetings WORLD ! ! :))



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