Reasons for Not Making in Our Evasi0n7 Jailbreak iPad or iPhone

Reasons for Not Making in Our Evasi0n7 Jailbreak iPad or iPhone
The Jailbreak evasi0n7 has, for now, some major failures.
The installation of the app auto “Taig” cares about their possible lack of security.
Jailbreak not recommend yet.
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Mario Romero December 24, 2013 12:00
Jailbreaking is a procedure that has good and bad points

Although many disagree, the Jailbreak is, increasingly, a procedure that we have more to lose than we can win. Obviously, this depends on the reasoning that uses each one to your iPhone or iPad and knowledge on the subject we have. I’ve been more than 4 years doing the jailbreak many devices and have never had any problems, but you can always come and fuss rather large.

Obviously, the Jailbreak has many good things, like being able to use the iPhone as a controller for a console, use features that Apple removed some of their devices or even customize the device to the max. Yes, things are pretty good, but I’m going to reel off some of the less good things about this procedure in our device.

5 reasons why you should not do the Jailbreak Evasi0n7 for now

It has many flaws

iOS 7 was a revolution in the mobile operating system and it seems that Apple Jailbreak not working as well as he did in previous years. Many users have reported numerous errors or bugs. It is even possible that hanging up during the jailbreak process, especially in the case of the iPad 2.

Many tweaks and applications are not yet compatible with iOS7

Jailbreak iOS 7 has just been released, so it is logical that this happens. Developers of tweaks and apps “out of the App Store” have not had time to release new versions that are compatible with iOS 7. It’s about time to occur but, today, it is not possible to install.

Installing Taig our iPad or iPhone

Here we must be careful enough, Taig is a kind store pirated applications that was developed by a Chinese security company with a history that can make us to doubt about their safety.

Many experts are trying to confirm whether Taig can steal our data and do with them what they want, but personally I recommend not to touch the Jailbreak Taig confirming that no longer installs itself on your device to perform the jailbreak and can not get our data.

Some native apps for iOS 7 do not work

It has been reported problems with Safari, Mail and other apps. In addition third-party apps can also fail. For example, if you usually use Skype to talk with friends and family, you can not use it if your device has jailbreak.

With the warranty expires Jailbreak

Obviously if you have a problem you can go back and restore the device, but there is always a possibility that can bring us a big scare when we take our iDevice to the table of Genius. Depending on the fault of the device, it is possible that we can not restore the iPad or iPhone and if an Apple Genius to see what Jailbreak applied could not repair it, at least not under warranty.

Of course, everyone can do what they want with their devices, since for that are his, but this is our recommendation: do not do it unless you know exactly what you’re doing. As always, we accept comments, provided they are respectful, and indeed, the hope.

As we have since iPhoneHacks, hopefully guys Evad3rs solve these soon and we can all enjoy a completely safe Jailbreak and squeeze our beloved iPad and iPhone.

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