50 years Asimov dreamed a world like this

Visit to the World’s Fair of 2014, with this title the author of “I Robot”, “Foundation”, Isaac Asimov wrote for the New York Times article on the occasion of the World Expo in New York, which imagined as would be the world 50 years later.

“One thing that occurs to me is that men continue moving away from nature and trying to create environments that welcome them in a more optimal way. 2014, the use of electro luminescent panels will be common. Ceilings and walls shine gently , and in a variety of colors that change with the touch of a button. ”

“The communications will include image plus sound, so you can see and hear the person you telefonees. Screen not only be used to see the person you have called, but will also allow you to study documents and photos, and allow read books. synchronous satellites will be covering the space, which will make it possible to communicate with any point on Earth, including weather stations in Antarctica. ”

“As for television, wall screens have replaced our appliances now.”

“2014 will have landed on Mars unmanned spacecraft, even if you will be working on sending an expedition with humans.”

“Humanity will suffer terribly bored, a disease which runs each year and gain in intensity. This will have serious mental, emotional and sociological consequences, and I dare say that psychiatry is, long, the largest medical specialty in 2014 “






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