Bases gave Kirchner Mausoleum. Danger structure and no worry and hard work

In Argentina now: The data is filtered through a source close to the businessman K, who confided to the serious problems that OPI is taking the structure of the mausoleum built in the local cemetery, due mainly to soil conditions that would have yielded more than expected and generated breaks in the roof structure, covered by a huge vitro hanging 11 meters above the coffin. See the image gallery

For several days behind OPI information that came to our attention through an employee of the municipality, who had trusted us that (in his view) “something happened at the mausoleum of Kirchner”, built in the local cemetery but the lack of precision did not allow a hypothesis as to why there was so much movement in the grave, “where people came and went” without transcending any comment.

Under this OPI consulted a source close to Lázaro Báez, who gave us exact details of what has been happening in the mortuary building which raised Austral Construcciones SA in a few months, under the direction of three architects and Lazarus orders Baez.

According to the explanation provided us with our source, a few days before Christmas, was found on the floor, glass-Blindex debris coming from the plans provided on the side of the building, which alarmed the security and self- Baez was present with an architect to verify what happened. This anomaly was detected several days before Christmas, but not like in Rio Gallegos blindex such are achieved, they had to wait for them to arrive from Buenos Aires, to reset them.

But the concern of the builders reached its peak when corroborated that had twisted one of the studs of the transparent dome roof, which has built a heavy iron structure which hangs a “rosette vitrofusión” 150 kgs weight, which displays the icon of the Bicentennial, made by local artist Andres Caamano.

This generated a technical inspection throughout the building and the architects concluded that the soil has given out calculations of expected, producing the displacement of the structure, which “took” enormous structure containing glass panels, dome that positioned exactly 11 feet above the casket where the remains of Néstor Kirchner.

OPI installed a journalistic duty at nearby private access to the local cemetery, which has the Kirchner family and corroborated permanent entry and exit of workers, technicians and architects Austral Building, in the mausoleum, whose interior Lázaro Báez remained around 3 hours, leaving the place at 14:53 pm today, Friday 27, when the photo illustrating our note was recorded.


The Kirchner family mausoleum in the cemetery of Rio Gallegos – Photo: OPI Santa Cruz / Francisco Munoz

Yes careful lest they get hurt the dead! ! :))



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