At the end the answer to why the world is so bad After 96 years the best kept secret in history was discovered!:

From December 23, 1913, The Private Bank of the Federal Reserve (FED) seized the U.S. and the vast majority of the world does not know. What will they and their predecessors (Bank of America), declare wars, attacks (twin towers attack in London, Madrid bombing), presidents (Jaime Roldos, Omar Torrijos, Kennedy, Warren Harding, McKinley was assassinated financed, James Garfield, etc.), dealing in weapons of mass destruction (Carlyle, Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Northrop Grumman).

These bankers own the media (FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, etc.) use the strategy to distract the population with superficial TV programs , short-term technological products, reality shows and cartoons ridiculing family values. News of murders and crimes in order to gradually destroy our trust in others, preventing the binding of people and a world popular revolt.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is co-owner of the NSA, the CIA (School of terrorists), the Pentagon, BIS-Bank for International Settlements (Switzerland), IMF, World Bank, FOMC, besides having privileged vote Nations UN and NATO.

The Fed also allows operate the drug cartels and arms trafficking.

Mighty Mighty: know the main Mafia families owned Federal Reserve:
Mega-Rich These families and their descendants, are untouchable for justice and tax exempt for life. Each time you make an “economic bailout” are actually BUYING banks and financial world, gradually appropriating the country they “saved”.

-Forbes magazine is a sham popular billionaires showing only second level as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, achieving divert attention from illegal activities committed by the Mega-Rich True within the Federal Reserve.

If you heard never talk about them, just because they discovered that the world is best managed from the underground (learned from the mistakes of Hitler, Napoleon, Alexander the Great and many other conquerors), which being very evident in his plans failed even a tenth of what the Federal Reserve has achieved so far:-take over almost the entire World! –
The heads of the U.S. President:
1. Rothschild Family (London, Berlin and Israel)

Two. Rockefeller Family (USA and Israel)

April. Family Warburg (Germany)

Three. Family Morgan (England)

May. Lazard Family (Paris, France)

6. Mosés Israel Seif Family (Italy)

7. Family Kuhn Loeb (Germany and USA)

8. Family Lehman Brothers (USA)

9. Family Goldman Sachs (USA)

To Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (British banking giant) and David Rockefeller (Giant oil) There is no government, president or army that is above them.

They and their banker-oil dome are the self-appointed heads of all U.S. Presidents since 1913.

The fortunes of these two people is incalculable, because as owners of the Federal Reserve, are legally own the printing presses that print the trillion-dollar exporting to the world.

They work alongside the powerful Bilderbergers, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the Trilateral Commission, the BIS (Club of Central Banks of the World) the Tavistock Institute (television experts massive psychological control) the Club of Rome, the IMF, the World Bank, the CIA, the Pentagon, etc..

Forman Elite country that decides to attack, which killed President, what “terrorist attack” fund, what economic crisis plan, what show or “smoke” invent, what “Flu” use etc..

“The masterpiece of the Federal Reserve was the self-attack on the Twin Towers”

Using the power of conviction international TV chains, was a fake video where an actor posing as “Bin Laden” was proclaimed bomber. When the towers actually contained explosives planted by CIA aircraft previously prepared and ready to crash.


1) Landslide at 5pm on THIRD Tower (WTC 7) without any plane has touched, in the same way at the same speed of free fall, when the twin towers fell.

2) Derrumbe the Controlled Demolition of the 3 towers style meets the eye.

3) Seizure of videos showing explosions far below where the aircraft collided and where metal is melted down (ever jet fuel melts metal).

4) Blow “Thermite” (powerful explosive used in demolition military industry) found in the white powder that drove the towers to collapse.

5) Al Qaeda is the name given by the CIA to the movement of the Mujahideen who fought the Soviet Union in the 80s. Hypocritical lie covert means!

6) USA oil is running out and planned the attack to plunder Iraq’s oil fields, commercialize human organs and appropriate fields of poppy (opium) drugs from Afghanistan, which exported to countries like China to weaken his hand cheap labor.

7) What impact on the Pentagon was not a plane, silenced witnesses saw a tele-guided missile at a construction area of ​​the Pentagon where hardly had offices. So he was not just a hole and brands wings “of course tickets”

8. After autoatentado, facilities was given to the relatives of the true Bin Laden (Bush oil partners), to leave the U.S. and not respond to the press.

9. TV presentation of a fraudulent list of alleged “terrorists” who piloted the aircraft, when most of them were not even in the U.S..

10) The announcement did to Aaron Russo (famous politician and filmmaker) in a celebration of Nick Rockefeller, where he confessed that an “event” (attack) would help the U.S. take the oil from Iraq, nine months before the occurrence of the I autoatentado!

11) A suspicious data: Both the field of the twin towers and the land where it was built the UN building were donated by the Rockefeller family.

The Oil-Banker Mafia Federal Reserve is the origin of the evils of our world today, All wars, attacks and provocations (against North Korea / Iran), the story of the “Influenza A” (Gilead enterprise business Sciences of Donald Rumsfeld, Bush’s defense secretary), the global crisis anticipated by the supercomputer “High-Frequency co-located” on Wall Street. All this and much more that we will never know, have their origins in decisions taken by the banker oil mafia families of the Federal Reserve.

“Now you know: It’s not the devil, or aliens, or sects, or the communists or the capitalists who cause evil in the world, is simply a private bank that thanks to a coup d’secret état in 1913, now heads the most powerful nation on earth. ”

But what can I do?

Just forward this message, because if the Fed remains in power, it is thanks to Total ignorance of the world population.

Benefits if the Federal Reserve was returned to the U.S. government:

1. End of war: that the Fed would stop giving money to Congress and would prevent companies like Harriburton profit from death.

Two. There would be no global crisis, only affect the countries that generate them.

Three. Terrorist attacks financed by the CIA using as an excuse to steal natural resources to democratic and non-democratic governments of the world would end.

April. Free access to the Cure of Cancer and AIDS, which are jealously guarded in the Rockefeller Institute.

May. Begin the era of Auto Electrical Ecological, appeared in 1996 (EV1-GM) and destroyed 6 years after its launch, by banker oil.

6. Decline in inflation worldwide because they would stop Trillions of dollars printed by the Federal Reserve, stopping the devaluation of the dollar.

7. Cheaper food for everyone because so controlled by TLC Federal Reserve prohibiting countries that import monopolies and no.

8. Stop legal Fluoride pollution of our precious drinking water.

9. Gradual extinction of drug trafficking, because they would not have the protection of the FED.

If you’re still doubting this information …

Reflect on the evil persecution and false charges created by the Federal Reserve against Julian Assange citizen (owner of just to spread the truth about torture and murder of innocent civilians and the looting of the oil war in Iraq children. View video on Youtube “subtitled collateral murder” (before it is deleted) which shows an American helicopter strafing a truck mercilessly with two children on board, then mow down a group of civilians who calmly walked down the street.

Julian Assange represents what can happen to us as free citizens, if we keep letting people ignore what makes the world the Federal Reserve

We have returned to the days of the Inquisition and nobody notices! Prior to torture an innocent person was accused of “Heretic or Atheist” is now accused of “terrorist”. And instead of walking to the victim before the crowd, exposing destroy it on TV worldwide, so everyone believes the story.

It’s simple logic: As the Federal Reserve continues by controlling the money in the world, there will be no force capable of competing against giving power to print billions of dollars daily, able to corrupt even the most honest and well-meaning staff must leave fear aside is not enough to call them “capitalists”, “plutocrats”, “Elite” or “Robo Barons” have to start calling them by their last names:

Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, Walburg, Harriman, Lazard, Leman, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, Kissinger, Pulitzer, Krupp, Israel Moses and all the other mega-rich families and politicians who hide under their protection.

For those who wish to investigate for themselves

* Books (most available online):
“Secrets of the Bilderberg Club” by Daniel Estulin

“Hitler won the war” Walter Graziano

“Nobody saw Matrix” Walter Graziano

“Confessions of an Economic Ganster” by John Perkins

“The Federal Reserve” by Stephen Lendman

* Documentaries (mostly youtube):

“Zeitgeist Addendum” by Peter Joseph

“End Game” by Alex Jones

“ZERO inchiesta sull ’11 settembre” Chiesa Giulietto

“America Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo

“Fahrenheit 9/11” by Michael Moore

“Power of the Nightmares” on BBC

* Movies banned in the U.S.:

“The Valley of the Wolves, Iraq” Kurtlar Vadisi of

“Road to guantanamo” by Michael Winterbottom

“Redacted” of
Brian de Palma

“South of the Border”
Oliver Stone

“The International” Tom Tykwer

(Referring to the Bundesbank, satellite EDF)

“Road to Guantanamo” by Michael Winterbottom



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