Even in the Vatican and Hollywood movies are lowered trout

Despite global efforts to stop the infringement of ‘copyright’, the temptation to free download movies and series is too strong, even for employees of the European Parliament, the Vatican and to several Hollywood studios.


The information was revealed by the website TorrentFreak, who used the tracking service to identify Scaneye multiple downloads of pirated files. The website reported that employees of the European Parliament have shown great interest in downloading illegal content while on the job.
The latest ‘hits’ downloaded from the IP addresses MEPs using the BitTorrent including pirated versions of the movie ‘Elysium’ and ‘Monsters vs Aliens’. Officials also seem to be fans of classics like ‘The Ten Commandments’, as well as the television series ‘Breaking Bad’.
The same illegal activity practiced in the Vatican with films like ‘Billy Elliot’, although the clergy also enjoy the ‘Camp’ series. Some Hollywood studios, including Paramount Pictures-made the list, with the illegal downloading of ‘Shame: Wish guilty’ and ‘Mad Men’.
Furthermore, BitTorrent downloads were performed from inside the U.S. House of Representatives. There is the popular ‘Sons of Anarchy’ series, although TorrentFreak recognizes that the rate of access to the portal by employees and members of the House has declined in 2013 compared with previous years.
Meanwhile, the struggle continues copyrights worldwide. The largest portal torrents, The Pirate Bay, has repeatedly been forced to change its domain. Currently, he chose to move to Sweden, the country of origin of its founders, which was suspended a year ago on charges of violation of ‘copyright’.




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