It’s no joke: concern for the fierce sinister clowns in Britain

Patience is over. What started as a funny joke that made a huge impact is now a concern. In Britain, the presence of sinister clowns no longer entertains.

It all started on Friday 13 September in the city of Northampton, North of England, when a clown almost terrifying features, similar to the classic Horror It, was walking through the streets without a word. Scary.

The story became such a rage that now a lot of people imitating famous clown. Many of them lost the subtlety of the original. Some creep up on other people’s homes with the simple intention of scaring and publish your objective on social networks.

The clown grew up so that the secretary of Clowns International, the association representing the clowns in Britain said:. “This does not help the clowns and harms society Those responsible must think it’s funny but for victims can be a terrible experience.’s fear of clowns there and some people may react badly, not to mention the elderly or vulnerable people. This has nothing to do with the clowns. ”

Despite numerous reported cases, the British police, who also expressed concern, also made it clear that in no case have occurred physical assaults, simply scares.



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