Last 10 scientific and technological advances

Let’s review the last 10 scientific and technological advances that have recently emerged from the labs and major research centers in the world. Many of these developments are already among us every day, others will see them soon. This is, to our knowledge, the list of the top 10 advances in science and technology in recent times:
Scientific and technological developments

Solar Energy: While some of what we have heard in a while, the truth is that more and more manufacturers of solar panels, which has meant lower costs for buyers. However, the main problem is that there’s so much supply and not much demand, so some solar panel companies are on the verge of bankruptcy and do not implement new technologies for manufacturing and better functionality.
Online Education: Some years ago a shy virtual environment for students, where teachers placed materials and test dates, making it easier to study. Today, top universities like Stanford or Harvard Degree Program offered do virtually, with streaming lectures, written and audiovisual materials and products according to language tutorials, learning ability and even culture.

Changes in nuclear energy: Recently there have been some new more fast reactors, which have numerous benefits. For example, only need 2% of the original site used to store spent reactor fuel, will reduce the time that the waste should be stored 300,000 years to 300.
Epidermal Electronics: With the advancement of flexible electronics, poses printed directly on the skin different devices, so people can use them for long periods, mainly to have a proper medical supervision.
New cancer therapy: This therapy uses gene therapy to induce an immune response to cancer. Body’s own cells are used to make additional copies of the hormone that regulates the response against cancer. But this molecule is very dangerous, so the most important step was to control levels, which was achieved through a pill.
Most Powerful Hard Drives: HDD manufacturers Companies argue that the nano can be useful for printing double the power of hard drives.

Greener Batteries: Finally, is marketing a rechargeable metal-air battery that replaces diesel and lead-acid combination. They have more capacity than lithium batteries and are also cheaper.
Sapphire cell Screens: This material is much cheaper than glass phones today, it is less sensitive and does not scratch.
Smartphones and tablets with holograms: HP has developed a type of display holograms without lenses or moving parts.
Brain wireless devices: These new wireless brain devices allow people with mobility problems muscle to control his wheelchair or a computer with thought.
What do you think of these last 10 scientific and technological advances? Do you know someone else who has been left out of this list?
What do you think of these last 10 scientific and technological advances? What do you think should be invented?








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