New tools to remove the top 100 malware threats

New tools to remove the top 100 malware threats

TDL-4 is not the only threat powerful computers is affecting individuals and businesses in recent weeks. So, besides the solution released a few days ago, BitDefender has decided to renew its collection of security tools with which it will be possible to eliminate the 100 most active malware copies worldwide.

Since trojans and worms to malware with rootkits, new tools will attack a variety of threats. The set offers a revised, easier to use and will be updated each month to include solutions to those more dangerous infections interface at all times.

“Users do not have an anti-malware solution have a higher risk of your computer finishes infected,” says Viorel Canja, head of BitDefender Antimalware Labs. “Also, if you have already become victims, they could infect their friends or other computers connected to the Internet.”

Both for computers running Windows 64-bit and 32-bit version, the tools are now available to download for free.

Source: eWEEK.

Now you can try Firefox 7
FRIDAY 08 JULY 2011 14:47
The pace of development of Firefox is still frantic after the change in philosophy of the life cycle of the Mozilla browser. The developers of this organization have announced the availability of Firefox 7 Aurora (similar to the Canary builds of Chrome), which come from a few weeks ago the first editions of each version of Firefox channel.

Those responsible for Firefox 7 (which by now called Aurora 7) speak of CSS improvements (a technique known as ellipsis ellipses to automatically put in long texts), the Navigation Timing specification called or lower memory consumption by the discovery recently by Mozilla.

Other internal improvements affect the JavaScript parser, now more able to “advance work”, and the arrival of a new abstraction layer for graphics curiously called Azure (which has nothing to do with Microsoft Cloud Computing platform) and end replaces Cairo in environments with hardware acceleration support.

You can download Aurora 7 from the official website of Firefox downloads in which we both Aurora and Beta versions and even the mobile version.


Source: Very Linux.

Thunderbird Conversations 2.0, to Gmail
THURSDAY, JULY 07, 2011 16:19
The development team presented Thunderbirds Conversations Mozilla 2.0.4, a new version of a special supplement to the email client Mozilla just renewed with Thunderbird 5.0 and with this addition allows us to display messages in mode conversation, so copying the format of Gmail.

Among the salient features of the new version, the plugin was available also in earlier versions of Thunderbird-are its stability and maturity, especially designed to work seamlessly with Thunderbird 5.0 and some major improvements in usability.

For example, we have a feature quick response, full integration with Thunderbird workflow, integration with other extensions (like enigmail or lightning), expansion or hide cited messages in an e-mail, or even ability to view an entire conversation in a separate tab.

You can download the extension from the official website of Thunderbird add-ons, or install it from the add-ons manager’s own mail client, which works identically to the way Firefox 5.0.






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