Published a guide to cheat and hack into drones

A survival guide against drones, with tips on how to evade the ‘robotic birds’ and even some techniques to ‘hack them’, has been published on the Internet.

“Our ancestors could we identify natural predators from afar by its silhouette. Are we also aware of predators in this?” Asks in the document, so urges readers to familiarize yourself with a changing technological environment.

The infographic also contains illustrations of the most famous and common types of vehicles used today throughout the world, from the smallest such as Parrot AR, to the giant Global Hawk.

“The drones are equipped with highly powerful cameras that can detect people and vehicles at a height of many miles. They can see signs of warmth from distance, day or night. Nevertheless, there are ways to hide from them” says the document available in multiple formats and languages.

In addition to strategies to evade ‘robotic birds’, the guide also gives advice on how to break into systems of the drone. “Your data signal can be encrypted, but many times it does not, then it can be ‘hacked'” he adds.

U.S. widely used UAVs for both surveillance and military strikes. Last week the Yemeni parliament passed a motion against the use of drones in its territory, after 15 civilians were killed in a U.S. air attack on suspected al Qaeda militants.

Pakistan has also condemned the bombings carried out by U.S. drones in its territory, describing them as an “affront to its sovereignty.”

Moreover, the administration of President Barack Obama acknowledged that drones also ply the skies fulfilling U.S. surveillance work people. In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration has estimated that in 2030 about 30,000 UAVs fly over U.S.



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