Quantum Internet has been operating in secret two years

Researchers at Los Alamos confirmed the creation of a quantum network that would take two years running. Until the development of quantum routers becomes a reality, this is an important step forward in the world of telecommunications.

The construction of what is known as quantum internet leads is one of the great hopes and dreams of security and cryptography experts. The impressive contributions that could make the laws of quantum mechanics allow significant advances in new communication systems.

The reason that the idea of ​​quantum improve Internet communications security is based, as we cited earlier, we measure how quantum particles (like photons). The very act of measuring a photon makes this change, which moved to communication systems, avoid leaving any type of “trace” partner in the exchange of information through the network.

This network could serve until the development of quantum routers were a reality, allowing a process of scaling and superior efficiency in telecommunications. Until that time, innovation referred by the Hughes team is a good alternative to keep working in this fascinating field.




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