One study compared the prices of different devices in the country with Brazil, Chile and Mexico, based on the North American market. Local purchase costs were the highest in all categories surveyed

Analysis relieved rates 250 technology products in 18 stores in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and the United States, dividing them into four categories: smartphones, tablets, game consoles and audio.

After comparing the figures found in each country, IntegraGO consultant responsible for the study, concluded that the prices of Argentina, taking the official dollar, are above those found in other markets studied.

The firm was based on the prices recorded in the United States in those categories and found that the prices Argentina exhibits 108% more expensive, followed by Brazil with 68% higher odds of the U.S. market. Then enter Mexico (28%) and Chile (25%), as recorded by the Daily Reporter today.

In the analysis by category, that of “Gaming” (console) is that in Argentina exhibits the largest difference with the rest of the market, with prices on average 155% higher. However, this category is the anomaly that occurs Brazil, not Argentina, the country with the most expensive product of the entire survey.

In Brazilian stores, the Sony PlayStation 4, launched in late November, has a purchase cost 349% more than the United States, where it sells for $ S399 (before taxes), while in Argentina the prices have a surcharge of 160 percent. As announced in its local launch, is priced at $ 6,499 in the country.

In regard to tablets, Argentine buyers must disburse 109% more than their American peers. Brazil is again second, with 54% higher prices, followed by Mexico (29%) and Chile (14%). The products compared were an iPad 64GB, Samsung Galaxy Tab in March 10 “and 7”, the Lenovo A1000, an Asus 10 “and a generic device.

In smartphones, the local market is on average 107% higher against the U.S., while Brazil is in second place, with 55% more. The study took different models of phones for comparison, including LG G2 included, the X Moto Motorola, Samsung Galaxy SIII and S4, the Nokia Nokia Lumia Lumia 920 and 520.

The category in which Argentine prices exhibited lower distance from those of the U.S. market was in audio, with 81% more. In Brazil, these products are just cheaper, with a surcharge of 78% from the United States. Mexico and Brazil exhibit the lowest rates (18% and 16% higher, respectively). The devices in this case chosen for comparison included Samsung mp3 players, Apple and Philips, as well as different headphones.




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