Who is to blame for Argentina sacked All those responsible behind the outbreak. Police mutinous, cynical political and cultural marginalization.

The three main advisers Jorge Capitanich in the Chief of Staff are CPAs and two of them got their degree in the Center of Macroeconomic noventista, CEMA Studies. Deputy Cabinet Carlos Alberto Sánchez, for example, knows social security and regional economies. Current Secretary of Management and Public Employment, Monica Zorrilla, is author of “Fiscal federalism and revenue sharing (A proposal for the transformation of the relationship Nation provinces)” next to Axel Kicillof Capitanich own, now promoted to Minister of Economy . Secretary Budgetary Assessments, Fabricio Bolatti comes Frente Grande Chaco but his specialty is the modernization of the State.

That is, all three are trained in administrations and provincial budgets, partly where the problem of violent looting. And they are prevented from experience to any social chain reactions. Therefore, the wage rebellion unleashed Cordoba Police on Tuesday, 3 Dec barracks in various parts of the province, looting and vandalism in supermarkets, hospitals and injured-collapsed, sending foresaw the emergence of the district gendarmerie forces in flames .

They advised “cut their losses” as when Daniel Scioli agreed with Sergio Berni antisaqueo establish a command on the strategic crossroads between the road and Ricchieri Cintura.Capitanich coincided highway, but could not move on their own. He recalled that last year, Cristina Fernández had promised more gendarmes will not send “the provinces in trouble” (in response to the death of nine members of the Gendarmerie in a car accident, moved then to suppress a violent oil protest Cerro Dragon, Chubut).

At the same time, while the riots were generalized in Cordoba capital, Secretary Carlos Zannini conveyed to the chief of staff a presidential order: “No way we can take care of the excesses of drug-related police. The gendarmes, where they have to be “justified Cristina.Lo followed was a sequel of events dictated by the lack of control of the situation. Gov. Jose Manuel de la Sota had to return urgently to the country from Panama and overact their confused cries for help the national government. Secretary of Homeland Security, Sergio Berni, landed three days later in the province with 1,200 gendarmes for urgent agreement between De la Sota and Capitanich that reversed the first presidential order.

Despite the recommendation of at least two of his ministers to skip the “popular party” in accordance with the ruling for Monday 10, no formal ceremony for the 30 years of democracy-Cristina stubbornly make it just as she had imagined: tamboril.Fue danced and touched the day that an interim eight dead was confirmed and released, looting and other criminal acts in six provinces were generalized areas. According to Berni, I had to go days without sleep. In some places, like Rosario or Chivilcoy, he himself was piloting the helicopter Gendarmerie. Security did not think that the conflict they would climb much, but been warning for some time that forces wages are very low, and the low amount of actual gendarmerie is a debt pending the ruling.

The journalist Horacio Verbitsky, who could not be accused of being part of any “destabilization” as the ending denouncing Capitanich, said: “This measures the fragility of the land on which the democracy that this week marks 30 is seated years wrote on page 12 – also the magnitude and diversity of conflicts always ready to manifest as a decline in macroeconomic growth and employment generation exacerbates mood and requirements. ”

At the time of establishing the guilt of pop, interpretations discoursed between policy-making for or against the party government-and the demonization of their possible promoter-Police, De la Sota, Sergio Massa, the 4 x 4 , “model”, drug trafficking, crime mafias, etc. -. Since this is an event that is complex and clearly multicausal, agree not miss shortcut:

Police accountability. The basic salaries of the provincial security forces until recent increases plucked “at gunpoint”, were set between 280 and 4,500 pesos by jurisdiction. They were, until then, the lowest paid government employees and less favored by the wage gap in black and payment of the various administrations.

So far, the agreed adjustments ranging from 3,500 to 9,000 and 10,000 pesos pocket if you take into account negotiated these days in ten provinces. However, this postponement and these increases, well above the inflation rate actually they could not justify unilateral Police political power or attributed establishing “liberated zones” or press for claims through “seditious” methods outside the law. Nor is it permissible to recognize a character from “pressure group” which, as certain judges, the right of rebellion arrogate when political power is hard wearing and “retreating” into a government of another sign. A vertical force and army should not be directed by characters incapable of exercising authority or worse, suspected of links with hooligans, drug traffickers and mafias linked to all sorts of crimes. Although their wage claims were justified, it would be permissible to achieve institutional travesty. You have to give reason to the ruling of the Supreme Court Judge Raul Zaffaroni: “It is a debt of democracy have not rethought the police.” The political reaction was poor and late.

The emptiness of the governors. De la Sota, like many other leaders, including those aligned with the Government House-are underestimating the social devastation caused in their provinces by the discretionary allocation of resources that are collected, the inflationary effect of the formal economy and the absence of a security policy capable of retaining the monopoly of force in the State. In the latter case, governors have not gone beyond demanding the implementation of the Internal Security Act which requires the nation to go to the aid of the jurisdictions at risk. And meanwhile, have been used to power shift and adapted to their whims and conditioning, even against the interests of their constituents.

Unitarianism prosecutor’s Office will not be replied to federalism alternative investment and increased productivity unless the passive acceptance of “bailout” discriminatory’s Office works with the “friends”. Thus, public employment served to disguise unemployment and joblessness. Patronage froze public wages in miserable levels. And claims of tax co-a debt that will serve 20 years without paid off-conformism followed the distribution of Federal Solidarity Fund modest extracted 30% of taxes on soybeans.

Neither the critical De la Sota, nor feudal José Alperovich, nor the ruling Martín Buzzi, nor cristinista Sergio Urribarri, nor lined Jorge Sapag were able to include previous indications of social unrest that ran their provinces. Until they broke out in a single wave of frustration and unfulfilled promises. Those who got raises, they plan to pass the bill to the nation. Capitanich already anticipated: “We have limited resources to prevent incidents.” He was referring to the alleged “popular uprising” that spread social media for 19 and 20 December.




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