“Be guided by the phobias of the Cold War is counterproductive”

“The Cold War is over many years, the main antagonists no longer exist, or the USSR and the Warsaw Pact, but NATO itself, but still lack confidence,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters RT.

“Abide in current affairs by phobias of the Cold War is harmful and counterproductive,” he insisted. The ‘dividing lines’ in Europe there are still further move towards the East, the foreign minister said, adding that Europe’s political leaders are still based on the principle “what is ours and what belongs to others.”

According to Lavrov, there is the idea of ​​a common humanitarian space between Lisbon (capital of Portugal) and Vladivostok, the most important port city in the Russian Far East. José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission supports this initiative, “but the problem is that in practice everything is different.” The most prominent examples that contradict the pan-European tendencies declared cited the refusal of NATO to create a common mechanism with Russia in response to cyber threats and attempts to turn Ukraine into “an object of geopolitical war.”

As another example of the echoes of the Cold War, Lavrov recalled the recent NATO military maneuvers, Steadfast Jazz 2013, held near the Russian border in Poland and the Baltic republics. Upon completion of the maneuvers, the Alliance stated that its aim had been preparing to respond to a potential threat from the East. “Old habits die very difficult and long, but European politicians should build a course that takes into consideration the interests of all Member States of the former Soviet republics, including Russia and Ukraine,” Lavrov stressed.
West begins to understand that supporting terrorist

“Today more and more countries accept democracy as a method of organizing society. Sure Russia is that each state should be free to choose when a sovereign democratic model, taking into account their specific conditions,” Lavrov pointed out.

“” The attempts of a group of countries to impose their own values ​​controversial, which also have a long history and position as universal values, generate conflicts. This type of ‘democratization’ becomes the cause of the destabilization of society. One example is Syria. What we see now is that international terrorism all over the world went to Syria to create there and throughout the Middle East with a caliphate by an extremist. It is the violation of the rights of all minorities, and even life threatening. Of the two million Christians living in Syria before the war he escaped at least half. Now Western partners begin to realize it, “insisted the Russian Foreign Minister.
The humanitarian situation in Syria, the subject of speculation

“Many try to speculate on the humanitarian issue in Syria and heated passions, accusing the government of all fatal flaws,” said Lavrov. He emphasized that such statements do not reflect reality and are of particular concern on the eve of the Geneva Peace Conference 2 scheduled for January 22. He stressed that Russia had done his part and the Syrian authorities have announced the composition of its delegation. He urged the West to carry out their part of the mission and sit at the table of dialogue to all opposition groups countries. At the same time, stressed a total lack of coordination within the Syrian anti-government forces and condemned attempts to negotiate with the newly formed Islamic Front, which he described as “a terrorist organization”.

Lavrov: Rebels in Syria inspired by American actions


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