Government approves minimum wage of 645.30 per month for 2014

(EFE) The Spanish Government freeze the minimum wage planned for 2014 and will leave at 645.30 euros per month, equivalent to $ 880, according to the proposal has been forwarded to the main trade unions, CCOO and UGT.A a statement, these utilities reported them as they announced the executive, who refuse because they consider involve a further loss of purchasing power of this income, which since 2007 has been losing weight on wages medio.Hace one year the government decided to raise the minimum wage (SMI) for 2013 by 0.6 percent, in line with the high rise agreed by unions and freezing patronal.La 2014 is the second agreed by the Government after the 2012 performed upon arrival to the Popular Party poder.CCOO and UGT oppose freezing SMI because they understand that moves away from the commitment made by Spain in the European Social Charter, according to which the minimum wage has reached sixty percent net average of 60 each country.The unions complained about the accelerated process of consultation, today received since the draft royal decree with the request to respond before 9:30 am Friday morning, when it is expected to be approved in the Council Ministros.Según calculations of the unions, the SMI lost 5.5 points of their purchasing power in the last four years.


Government approves minimum wage of 645.30 per month for 2014



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