Hidden Settings iOS 7 in Cydia.

Although many of the classic applications of Cydia are not yet compatible with iOS 7 do exist some applications adapted to the new mobile operating system from Apple that are very interesting and certainly HiddenSettings7 is one of them (you can find other versions called HiddenSBSettings for iOS 7). The application, available in Cydia for free, allows us to modify system options such as animation, color options of certain folders or menus. We show you how to install the application and some of the changes we can make in this video.

The application did not create any icon in our springboard. To view these hidden options must open the control center, and at the bottom find a new “Springboard Settings” button that will give us access to those hidden options. Is now available in the BigBoss repository completely free, and is not compatible with the new iPhone 5S or iPad with models. We show you a video where you can see some of the many possibilities offered HiddenSettings7. One of the biggest advantages of the application is that it is not necessary for the effects respring to take effect, so you can check what you have activated immediately.

The application is not stable at all, and activate certain options may cause your device to reboot. Beware modified options, and touch only you really know what the consequences are. If you want to return to the default settings you must access the bottom of the options and click the “Restore Defaults” button, after which you must press the “OK” button at the top right of the menu.

If you discover interesting features that this application allows us to do, we invite you to share with everyone in the comments, along with brief instructions on how to get it.

HiddenSettings7: Access Apple’s secret internal hidden settings on iOS 7!

How to Enable iOS 7 Hidden Springboard Settings






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