Mobiliant, perfect concept car of the future

Who does not remember that image of Minority Report in which the cars circulating in vertical paths or that Batmobile running down the walls of Gotham in Batman ForeverI. Science fiction or not?
SAIC Motor Company introduced a car only conceptual ta time, called Mobiliant

It is a single-seat vehicle that carries integrated motors on wheels, equipped with a technology “CLAWS” based on the development of a nano-tabs, which mimic the claws of insects providing such a high grip allowing the car circular vertically.

The body incorporates Mobiliant pollution absorbing panels. With a futuristic image and aereodinámica aesthetics, plus nice, also has a translucent roof that mimics the exoskeleton of an insect, specifically that of an ant.



In its core, we find a system that absorbs and transforms the gases turning them into fertilizer, has two special tanks, one is for the biofuel and the other for fertilizer, plus a cabin automatic stabilization.

The Mobiliant is not just a car, but that is a whole structure of advanced transportation. Mobiliant When you park in one of alleged eco-buildings, the car delivers the fertilizer that has occurred, and in return receives biofuel, thereby voiding any shape and full dependence on traditional fuels.

Remember that this is a concept, but that is about what many would like to be the car of the future. The Mobiliant was the winner of the LA Auto Show Design Challenge 2013, an event that invites automotive design studios around the world to present their most innovative projects.









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