Repudiation of the National Council of Women to the top of the News magazine for its “symbolic and media violence”

ARGENTINA -. The weekly News published cover image as an assembly in which the face of the head of state to the body of a woman who posed nude added.

According Telam appropriated, after learning that publication, the National Council of Women issued a statement in which he expressed his “absolute to the use they have made of the presidential figure rejection because it is a clear their symbolic and media violence “.

In the same text recalled that “the Law 26.485 of Integral Protection to Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Violence against Women condemns these types of violence that harm not only to the President in particular in this case, but all women and society in general. ”

“The Journal News Editorial Perfil again will incur an attitude that has earned him the condemnation of a broad spectrum of society and does not work with the more inclusive and equitable cultural shift that moves our country,” he said.

The National Women’s Council is a body under the Office of the Cabinet, responsible for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women in Argentina.

From there, in the statement the Council explained that “the eradication of violence against women is a task in which the Government works every day, but requires the participation not only of all citizens but also the means communication have an important role and therefore must assume greater responsibility. ”

In that line was required, “once again, the magazine Noticias rethink this attitude that hinders the work of State agencies, Social Organizations, communicators /, journalists, activists, intellectuals, researchers / as, religious movements, etc.. fighting for the elimination of all forms of violence against women “because” this is a fight that we must collectively. ”

Finally he stated that “In recent years, Argentina has it faced many of the cultural changes necessary to be a more egalitarian country, the Journal News demonstrates, once again, that is not up to the story.”




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