Saurik is working on Mobile Substrate for iOS jailbreak 7

Apparently the Evad3rs team has caught us all by surprise with the release of their new Evasi0n7 tool to jailbreak iOS 7. Among surprised, Jay Freeman (Saurik), the creator of Cydia not take long to decide it was also found.

With the upgrade of Cydia for iOS 7 Saurik has more time to work on that is causing the failure function “Mobile Substrate”.

This function does not work for new iOS devices with 64-bit processors, so Freeman has spoken again to talk about the transition from 32 to 64 bits:

“All Apple programs are now 64 bits and as such will require 64-bit extensions. Luckily, an extension can be designed both 32-bit and 64-bit applications like, but this will require the developer to recompile both versions … The Mobile Substrate is a platform for code injection, in which a injects code library that can be used to modify the program. Any “tweak” is actually an “extension of substrate”, therefore you will need to compile it. ”
Developers are hoping to update their tweaks compatible with 64-bit

All Jailbreak developers are eagerly awaiting an update of “Mobile Substrate” and considering redesigning Cydia for iOS 7 came barely two days after the launch “in extremis” Evad3rs tool could get the update any time.

In this moment and a few days after the release of Evasi0n7, and there are plenty of new jailbreak tweaks compatible with iOS 7. Ignoring that the first version of Evasi0n7 was installed on our devices unreliable tool that put the safety of our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in danger, Taig.

For those who still do not know, Taig is an app store from China that was installed on our device when we performed the Jailbreak iOS 7. Apparently, and according to reports that were coming out within a few hours, Taig has a dodgy dossier and so, as you said Appadvice, Evad3rs team decided to launch a new update removing this Chinese store jailbreak process.

Meanwhile we will continue waiting for the launch of the new Mobile Substrate for IOS Jailbreak 7 crowd and, of course, update us so fast we will let you know out.






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