Siri VS Google Now, what the best Wizard Of Voice

Since Samsung and Apple have been in the courts of the United States fighting for patents, Apple wage a new fight will now be compared to Google, together with one mind to be the best voice assistant. On the one hand we have known Apple and Siri assistant, and on the other we are nothing more and nothing less than Google Now by the internet giant.

According to the last report 15% of users use Apple Siri, others justify prediction utility and the wizard does not have, while the vast majority of Android users use Google Now or at least have heard of the Habar characterized by results quickly and very effectively, despite this Google is working on a new ecosystem where the wizard would give a direct answer to the user instead of sending it to sites results, Google clearly has an advantage, because it better understands language in the real world that it organized in your Google search engine.

Both companies are investing millions of dollars in improving their own assistant, and that Google and Apple to be the best plan in the near future where we handle our phones through voice command, yet not forget that Apple lately is making great strides in this area, as well as search through our library of images to describe just want to find, in addition to Samsung and S Voice is more competition. However, we could say that both Siri and Google Now as S Voice are taking their first steps to success. So which do you prefer? … Siri, S or maybe Google Voice Now?





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