The damage caused by cell

People usually look at your cell phone about every six minutes, at least 150 times a day, as several studies have shown regarding the use of these devices.
The problem arises because iSlouch people nods forward, almost desplomándola on the neck.
Given this state of a chiropractor Florida, Dr. Matt Herba, has investigated the consequences that arise when using a mobile phone so excessive.
The study raises a couple of new terms that refer to the consequences of cell phone use on the human body “iSlouch” and “iGrind”.
The “iSlouch” which uses the term in English means stooping, refers to the position taken by the spine when someone looks or type in your cell. While “iGrind” refers to the gnashing of teeth that make those who play on their phones.
Most affected by the “iGrind” are children, have been shown to begin to grow with serious tooth problems by tension generated by these games and have begun to damage the jaw.
Meanwhile, the problem of “iSlouch” occurs because people head leaning forward, almost desplomándola on the neck, creating unnecessary pressure on the neck that sometimes is up to 5 kilos.
As revealed by the study of Herba, very young people have begun to suffer from chronic pain and irreversible neck because it is damaging the cartilage and tissue between the vertebrae.
Given that these symptoms can take many years to appear, to old age of the person, Dr. Herba recommends that the use of cell is decreased.
The damage from these repetitive injuries, the constant cell phone use is affecting muscles, tendons and nerves.
Another study by the International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, showed that 53 percent of people who use cell suffering neck pain or numbness thereof.
Even other research San Francisco State University showed that 83 percent of people have felt pain in the hands and neck as they write on your mobile phone.




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