Apple rumored to launch

New Apple iPhones and iPads will be arriving mid-2014. After rumors on Samsung launching a “Pro” line of Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note tablets, Apple is not going to be dismissing this. Instead, it is competing with their own “Pro” line.
Apple has big plans for 2014, and yes, this should be taken literally. Scheduled for May, 2014, a 6-inch iPhone and a 12.9-inch iPad will arrive to retailers as the “Pro” line.
The 6-inch iPhone will feature a 20 nanometer processor built by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.
At the same time, a 12.9 inch iPad will be released claiming to be targeting “North America’s educational market”. The tablet, said to be manufactured by Quanta Computer, was to have either a 12.9 inch screen or 13.3 inch and now it looks like Apple favors the smaller more. Right now, this is considered as the “iPad Pro”. The iPad Pro doesn’t just stop there. Speculation also suggest that Apple is heavily revamping up the resolution. The iPad Pro is said to be released in two stages. The April release is said to pack a quad-HD or 2K display while the October release will feature an ultra-HD or 4K display.
Currently, the hardware specifications such as processor, internal storage, and RAM are still unknown for the so called “Pro” line of devices. Nevertheless, it does look like Apple is following suit to Samsung’s speculation of their “Pro” line release as well.

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