BlackBerry reconsiders his future

BlackBerry Ltd., the Canadian company maker of BlackBerry mobile phones, reported today in the partial results of its latest fiscal quarter, publicly acknowledging the huge waste of money that has been during this period, due in part to adjusting the value of its assets and inventory depreciation charges.

According to the report provided to the media and investors, announced a net loss has been about 4,400 million, a figure that can be compared to the $ 9 million of profits earned in the same period of previous year, demonstrating the wrong time living company.

However, despite the economic information that was offered on this day, the confirmation of the covenant of BlackBerry with the company Foxconn Technology is what has attracted the attention of investors and market analysts, as the Canadian company will have an external ally capable of developing, and manufacturing, new models of mobile phones, tablets and perhaps, all within the Asian market, a practice that is now operated by Apple Inc.

Apparently, the intentions of the new direction of the BlackBerry company, led by the figure of John Chen, is leaving the current wholesale market and focus solely and exclusively in a market segment of high-end business sector.

At the end of the week, shares of BlackBerry have received a welcome boost, concluding the day with an increase of 15.52 per cent ($ 7.22 per share, NASDAQ), a hopeful sign in the recovery policy of the company.




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