Convert our old iPhone to a new one

There are still a lot of old Apple devices sold as new in several stores, and would be a waste that could not run the latest operating system that shows the company – at least commercially. When Apple updated iOS has accustomed users to always improve your modern to encourage the purchase of releases next generation models. Under a realistic, you can still benefit substantially to older iPhones and iPad having the latest operating system.

In order to renew our old Apple have to keep a few things in mind:

You cut the special effects
In the last 7 Apple iOS incorporated some pretty eye-catching visual effects, but that humblest hardware devices does look great. If we are going to install the latest OS from Apple on a previous generation device we have to consider not going to do well with all effects applied by default, so we will disable some.

On an iPhone 4S or Newer model will not have problems, but equally we could disable them to improve battery life and optimize overall operation. To do this we must go to:

Application SettingsConvert our old iPhone to a new one
When we reach the last of the menus, then you enable the option that increases the contrast and thereby leave out the blur. Below this option we will find another option to enable “Reduce Motion”. To this effect the replica appears on the Home screen in iOS 7.0.3 stops, also replaces the effect of approach when running applications.

Control the brightness of Apple devices
Believe it or not, the brightness level is one of those things that riddled the life of our battery. Use this device with a relatively low brightness we will ensure more time in the game, but perhaps the best option to enable automatic control of it in “Application Settings” and then “Brightness”.

In the center of contrast, we can quickly set the brightness level, increasing it on those occasions when you really need it. In general options also find the auto lock, this is best to keep in 1 minute, and it will send device to sleep past that time and spare battery.

Perhaps the biggest problem we have is the fact of having a hardware that does not meet our needs as you would a new computer, but still good to know that Apple allows us to use the latest operating systems even when we do not have a Mobile next generation.



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