Facebook dies, European teenagers prefer other social networks

Facebook is “dead and buried” for most European teenagers, who prefer other types of social networks like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat, study confirms

The research was conducted on the use of Facebook by adolescents aged 16 to 18 in eight countries of the European Union by the organization Global Social Media Impact Study and found that while parents and other older users saturate the social network, its younger users are moving to alternative platforms.

“Facebook is no longer in the picture: is basically dead and buried” wrote lead research team anthropologist Daniel Miller, a professor of material culture of the University College London (UCL, for its acronym in English). “The majority of teens feel embarrassed to even be associated with Facebook,” says professor.

Parents concerned about their children, to join this network, trying to control the social lives of their offspring, who, in turn, confessed that “her family is insisting that stick to Facebook and publish the news about their lives, “says the scientist.

The boys did not distress them alternative social services less functional and sophisticated, well they do not care that their personal information is used in the market or as part of the practice of monitoring the security services, according to research.

What really worries young people is “that dreaded day when his mother sent them a friend request,” Miller wrote. And this seems to be the most influential in the decision of a young person to leave Facebook now concludes Professor.




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