Get predictions for Argentina in 2014. Is it?

ARGENTINA -. Several websites dedicated to astrology decided to publish their predictions for Argentina in 2014 is coming. According to the website, next year will bring many changes for our country.

According to the predictions for the new year, in the political sphere, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner would not be the President of the Nation and be briefly replaced by Vice President Amado Boudou.

Changes in the political leadership of Buenos Aires generate discomfort and tension in the country, triggering riots and call for new elections, where the winner would be elected deputy for the province of Buenos Aires, Sergio Massa. Figures Kirchner would be imprisoned on charges of theft and corruption, resulting in a major cleaning between the movement.

The predictions also suggest a new train crash in Buenos Aires and the death of a renowned journalist of national television because of a heart attack.

Internationally, Argentina recover much prestige after the change in government, boosting exports and the national economy.

In sport, forecasts 2014 the Argentina forward to give you a great joy to his people during the World Cup Brazil 2014, being among the first places in the tournament. In show business, a very famous actor revealed his homosexuality and other commit suicide. (Special)




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