Google will invest $ 300 million in Mozilla Corporation

The company Google Inc. has announced the news of his huge investment, valued at about 300 million U.S. dollars a year, something like 230 million euros to the homepage of the Firefox browser is precisely its search engine, Google and not those of the competition: Bing, Yahoo!, Amazon or eBay.

As published by Kara Swisher, AllThingsD website in this huge sum paid Google managers Mozilla Corporation is part of an agreement, which runs for three years, which exceeds considerably making only a year ago was paid for the same service. Initially, Google had planned to pay an even lower figure, but driven by the upward pressure of Yahoo! and Microsoft, the final figure rose until the deal was closed with this amount already reaches 300 million.

However, despite this exclusivity agreement it has signed with Google Mozilla, Firefox keeps company another series of smaller agreements with other search engines that are now competing with Google, in this case, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Amazon and eBay, but the truth that the main market pressure, at least in terms of investment and economic value, has come from the Microsoft Bing search engine which wanted to invest large sums of capital in this last period with the intention to be of own niche in the search engine market, and consolidated into it.

Another detail that reveals this AllThingsD article is related to the conversations that also kept investors from Yahoo! with the economic team of Mozilla, because as of Google and Microsoft, Yahoo! executives saw this as an investment opportunity great opportunity to make some share in the search engine market, albeit tiny, its online search service content, which has been declining significantly in recent years, however, it ultimately did not consolidated by regarded as “too expensive for Yahoo! operation”, as declared Blake Irving, the manager of Yahoo! who led these negotiations.

Well, once closed this agreement placed on the cover of the Firefox browser, Google “will be the default search engine in the millions of Firefox users spread around the world,” an announcement is official and confirmed by Gary Kovacs, CEO of Mozilla Corporation. The truth is that cost them dearly, but they are already on the front page.



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