How much would you pay to Apple Inc. to be your favorite search engine?

I really should ask how the company pays its counterpart Google Inc. and Apple Inc. strong competitor to keep as default search engine to search engine. As revealed analyst Ben Schachter in a note published last Friday, Google pays Apple Inc. over a billion U.S. dollars to maintain this preferential treatment.

The note of Macquarie and echoing the Business Insider website is says that last year Google Inc. paid the exorbitant amount of money to Apple to keep as the default search engine in Safari browser and the rest of your devices for sale, in this case the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

However, Macquarie in his note also reveals that Apple is apparently trying to get away from the Google mapping system, Google Maps, because since the Cupertino company are planning to market a service orientation and map searches himself, a fact that would give them the current use of Google Maps which provides its Safari browser.

According to Macquarie, the user searches via using Apple devices will report to Google Inc. about 1.3 billion in gross revenue, but must pay a large sum of money to achieve reach 75 percent of web traffic that flows through the various Apple devices, with which Google Inc. receives only about 335 million dollars in net revenue from search or iOS Safari.

In the event that Apple decides to abandon these services would be less impact for Google Inc. Apple for the same, as this company would have to rely on the service of other search engines that do not prove to be as efficient as

However, Macquarie concludes, if Apple manages to consolidate the iPad as an alternative to the PC in the next five years, surpassing even the use of it among the users of the future, Google Inc. would be in trouble since, this prediction is fulfilled, the number of people who use the iPad would be very high, and this would be a market share that Google Inc. executives do not like to lose.

Anyway, this is a relationship of mutual agreement, eventually, the two can win or lose depending on their next moves.




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