How Tim Cook has taken on in 2013?

The current CEO of the American company Apple Inc., Tim Cook, has won this year ending, 2013, about the same amount of money earned last year, also losing a significant portion of the prize for their actions, as the intense competition that has lived Apple, coupled with the pressure on the profit margins of its products, has contributed to a devaluation of their actions: the highest point of Apple stock in 2012 was $ 700,095 (September 21) while in 2013 was just $ 560.02 (6 December).

For the year ending, the successor to Steve Jobs as head of Apple company could charge a total of $ 4.25 million, a final figure which has included him his base salary of $ 1.4 million, well as the collection of his performance bonus, which had a value of $ 2.8 million.

As indicated by the company in a press release, Cook has run out of cash the value of about 7,100 shares that have been linked to an annual award that is linked to the evolution of the company, contemplating this time period that it ranges from 24 August 2012 to 25 in the same month but 2013.

Building on this statement in which the finances of its CEO will itemize, the company wanted to meet for the first time publicly, to requests from investor Carl Icahn, who has been asking in recent months a reward for actions Apple worth about 50,000 million. In this regard, Apple advises investors to reject the request.




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