Chinese woman living in a dump and rescued 30 children closer than thrown away, abandoned by their parents as a result of the policy of “one child” of the Chinese government.

Says: If I had enough strength to recycle trash like not having to “recycle” something much more valuable as “Human Lives.”


What WOMAN! “Lou Xiaoyng, Chinese 90 year old woman who has saved 30 babies abandoned in garbage. Lived waste recycling. Besides saving many children, has been with him four.
The Daily Mail broke the story of this woman who has devoted the last 40 years of his life to saving abandoned Chinese children rescued-30 – on the street or in the garbage of the city of Jinhua, Eastern Province Zhejiang.
Lou has dedicated his life to recycle garbage. One day in 1972 he left to found a girl who was lying in the trash on the street. So she tells him: “The first baby if we had not taken out the garbage would have died, no doubt. You do not know how much joy and has given us much hope to see these children grow. I always thought that if I have the strength to recycle waste, how could I stop “recycling” something much more important as human life? “. Four of the babies rescued became his own family welcomed them, saw grow and educated with her husband Li Zin who died 17 years ago.
Lou also has a biological daughter, Zhang Caiying, who is now 49 years old. He managed also some other friends and family to stay with the other babies.
According to the Daily Mail, Lou enjoys great respect and has the reputation of “Local Hero” in your community to save children despite the lack of money and power. “That life story! Do we aid to more people know and aware?
Who after reading this you will joke is on this day?
Prayer and repair the life God take care for Use that blood is upon us




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