The desire to Ricardo Darin: “I would like Cristina Kirchner …”

BUENOS AIRES -. Ricardo Darin again expressed a desire related to the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. This time, displaying a more diplomatic approach, almost a year after his remarks in magazine Brando questioning the growth of presidential fortune would lead to a question with the president itself.

Consulted by the newspaper Perfil about whether you would like to be close to Cristina Kirchner or invite her to see the theater, the actor replied: “Yes, I would like to play, because I know she would appreciate it very well, because I know you Like my work, “said the star of” The Secret in Their Eyes “and” Seven, “among other hits. He added: “Yes, I think it would be a good opportunity to see that I would love to come to the theater to see the play.”.

Earlier this year, during the promotion of the thriller “Thesis on a homicide,” Darin had questioned in a report the asset growth of Kirchner and asked that “someone explained it.” These statements provoked a response from the President, who announced through Facebook one dirigada letter to the actor, in which flatter after, he remembered his own run-ins with the law for an old cause.

The actor finally opt for to tone down the controversy and said: “You have taken staff ratio in the original note I refer to all staff produced a wound that will not make you want I’d like to clarify aspects… I do not like to hurt someone. ” (Special)




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