Using BlackBerry Messenger continues to expand

Two months after the Canadian company launched BlackBerry Ltd. launches its instant messaging system BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for users of iOS (Apple Inc.) and Android (Google Inc.) operating systems, the application continues to appear in the top of the five top-ranked.

In countries like the UK and Argentina, the BBM application holds leading positions in the table of most downloaded apps, mainly from the iTunes download portal, as well as from other countries such as Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa, it has high demand use. This application for BlackBerry has also reached number 24 in India.

In the case of Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa, these markets have been important strongholds for the share of BlackBerry handset sales are concerned, since in these countries the demand for its mobile phones has been ongoing and is increasing.

While a recent report by research firm the mobile market, Mobidia, it seems that the use of the BBM application in the Asia Pacific markets, although countries such as China, South Korea, India are excluded and Japan has been ahead of other communication applications such as instant WeChat, Line, Viber, and Kakao, even ahead of WhatsApp.

Confirming these reports, the company responsible for the BlackBerry have commented that their messaging service BBM had been able to add over 40 million new registered, mainly from the iOS and Android operating systems users.

However, the company is taking a phased approach to monetizing this service, in fact the new BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, said that they hope that in the future achieve good income from this messaging service BBM, a fact which demonstrates its intention to monetize as it has the WhatsApp service itself.



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