What is the best free antivirus to download?

Having an antivirus installed on your computer is vital. One of the issues we need to have in mind when you have a computer, laptop or any other device with Internet connection is protection, without it, the truth is that we really lost our virtual life is in the hands of third parties, in the worst case, we can leave the bank account to zero.

But hey, I think I should not dramatize, protections are of all kinds and for this, the supply of antivirus is varied, no antivirus free antivirus as there are charges. However, a question arises: what is better?

Faced with this dilemma one always asks how I am safer with antivirus antivirus free or paid? Obviously, you always want the best for your computer, but we are not always guided by the concept of free or pay, because everything will depend on what each of us usually do with your team, especially when surfing the internet or introduces external drives that connect to the hard drive.

I’ll be honest, there are many opinions for and against the free antivirus, while the highest percentage of votes, when choosing a type of virus, they prefer to pay. In my case I have used both options and I had installed on my computer antivirus free antivirus and payment. Currently I have chosen the latter option, but the fact is that the work I do requires it.

Before making a decision whether or not to pay for antivirus must think about what our daily activities at the computer, why not use it, why we surf websites, which pages open and, most importantly, what types of discharges files do.

Of course I’m going to say that if you’re somebody who are usually downloading files from the Internet, either directly or P2P download, and most even dangerous files in compressed formats ZIP or RAR, you are obliged to install the best antivirus program as your main activity exposes you to the entry to your computer from various viruses camouflage behind many files.

However, if you are more passive in this respect, you use the computer to check email, surf the secure pages and do not store ultra secret information, the hazard level decreases and you can afford to not use a paid antivirus since deals currently on the market free antivirus you successfully cover your safety. Here are some examples.

Download free antivirus
I’ll start with the free antivirus, those that can be downloaded directly from their websites without paying a penny. Of all the offers of free antivirus that exist in the market, and not that I say it, but this is based on a laboratory study published by the Personal Computer magazine (PC, No. 106), the best option is the Avast! Free Antivirus, a free antivirus that has nothing to envy offers payment.

Avast! Free Antivirus
Avast! Free Antivirus has proven to be the most comprehensive offering of this market, has a user interface very easy to manage, with a system of real-time protection that shields the computer against the threats of spyware, phishing, Trojans and other viruses. According to the study of PC, is the most effective free option, although it has no firewall or antispam shows outstanding performance. And I can vouch for this, in my case I used it for three years, just before I decided to make me a payment option.

AVG 2012 Free Edition
The second recommendation free antivirus that will introduce them is to AVG 2012 Free Edition is an antivirus as safe but, unlike Avast!, Is much slower during computer analysis.

This antivirus AVG 2012 Free Edition is slow but complete, its interface is very simple and intuitive, real time protection against malware, spyware, worms and phishing. It offers users the ability to customize the analysis computer, either by individual folders hard drives or external drives. Said to be very good at detecting performance record, which is able to detect intruders (from internet) and thanks to the option LinkScanner browsing Facebook and other social networks is very safe.

Other free antivirus
Other free antivirus options that fall under these two deals, the study of PC, Microsoft Security Essentials is ideal for those who have Windows operating system, Avira Antivir Personal, a very light, fast and free antivirus consuming few resources; Comodo Antivirus This antivirus features provide good protection, but analysts say he is the best of its interface, and finally, Spyware Doctor, a free antivirus with few possibilities but has specialized in the detection of spyware, its strong point.

As we have seen, the offer of free antivirus is very attractive to have a security system in our computers. Sometimes it is not necessary to pay for this service when we hand you happen to be various antivirus surprisingly good and safe. Again I repeat, if the navigation is performed online safely, using one of these free antivirus is more than enough to keep our data safe.

But why then bought the paid antivirus? What is the difference between a free antivirus antivirus and payment? The answers to these questions we will see in another post, which will assess whether what is the best paid antivirus 2012.

Finally, before concluding I want to emphasize the idea that I have repeated all the time these antivirus are free, not paid their discharge. I say this because many times we visit some websites that offer these antivirus downloads in exchange for sending an SMS (whose expenditure is charged to our phone bill) and, thus, are paying something to a third person being illegally enriching. Anyway .. that are free.




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