What is the biggest threat to Apple iPad?

After Apple launched the iPad market its already old (1), revolutionizing the way that people were connected to the Internet, many companies were producing new computing devices that launched the career of making tablets and thus be a gap in this new emerging market that promise, and even promises big profits to their creators.

However, not everyone has achieved the success of Apple and many of the companies that have submitted their tablets have stayed with them in the stores. Currently, the most representative of this fiasco with tablets instance that has been presented as the best of the best but have been frozen products in department stores is RIM, manufacturer of the BlackBerry, which has filed ago A few months its PlayBook tablet and discovered with astonishment, that they are still there, stuck and unable to be marketed. According to some financial analysts, right now there are about 1.2 million PlayBook tablets that have not been sold worldwide.

So who is the main rival who threatens the hegemony of the iPad from Apple: Samsung? Is really the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 the greatest threat received the iPad 2? For those who have said yes, thinking about the patent war between Apple and Samsung, I say no, you are wrong Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not the main rival of Apple, then who is?

The truth is that this opponent is someone more modest, called Kindle Fire and is the latest installment of Amazon: it’s not the most complete tablet market, but for a much lower price, almost three times cheaper than the iPad, offers almost the same services as its main competitors high end. In times of crisis, it is the best alternative in the market and that the public appreciates it: buying them.

According to research firm IHS iSuppli market, the outlook for the coming three months is that Amazon manages to sell about 3.9 million Kindle Fire, conquering these figures to 13.8 percent of the global tablet market and settle at second behind iPad. A detail, right now Apple owns 65.6 percent of the global market and is expected to achieve sell about 18.6 million iPads worldwide.

And who comes next? As noted IHS iSuppli third place ranking in this commercial tablets what comes to occupy the Samsung Tab with 4.8 percent market share, followed by a modest low-cost model, that of Barnes & Noble with a very affordable tablet without many of the benefits of its high-end competitors: Barnes & Noble reaches 4.7 percent, followed by HTC that is barely 1.3 percent of the overall figures.

In other words, when the hegemony of Apple iPad 2 will remain for a while. Are expected to be sold this year about 65 million tablets worldwide, a number that is multiplied by 2015 to reach the hypothetical sum of 300 million. We’ll see then who will conquer the throne.





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