What language is better to start?

There are many options for learning to program, usually universities teach languages ​​like C # or Java because big companies are behind them and support them, which is not bad but what is the best language to learn to program.

First of all let’s get something clear language program does not depend on you to do all languages ​​do the same things with different directions but the language can greatly influence your decision on if you really want to do is set or not.

C is one of the most popular languages ​​as it can say it is the granddaddy of all programming languages ​​is that it is low, is of course one of the most powerful languages ​​and you can do with a greater number of things on the machine, the problem with C for novices is mainly that, being so close to the machine language is a curve steep learning and may lead many to a state of frustration before you can do something really good .

Java on the other hand is a very good language to learn, because it is fully object-oriented programming paradigm used by many other languages ​​so after learning Java is easier to learn another language, the disadvantage to C is the same other high-level languages ​​that do not allow you to access the hardware of the machine directly.

Then there Python language a fun and easy to learn. Python has the advantage that it is very natural for people, it is very easy to read and understand the instructions being executed, is very good and is growing much thanks to sites like Pinterest or Instagram that are developed in this language.

We finally have JavaScript language with which you can spend just a program as it is built into most web browsers, it is a language that is not as strict about syntax and allows you to learn the basics of programming, such as functions and the use of variables.

As I said earlier it is not so much the language you choose to learn, but what they want to do with it, there are many choices you can learn to program and here’s some resources you can check for them to enter the programming world.






Finally remember that everything can be software before anything else.




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