Why Most Tweaks Not Working on iPad Mini Air and iPad Retina?

Most tweaks do not work in the new iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone Retina 5s.
The structure of 64 bits A7 chip is responsible for the tweaks are not compatible with the latest iPad and iPhone.
Developers must rewrite Cydia tweaks to make them compatible.
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Iván García December 27, 2013 22:13
Have you made your iPad Jailbreak iPad Mini Air or Retina and tweaks do not work? Here’s the answer

Surely by now you’ve made your new Jailbreak iPad Mini Air or iPad Retina (or may not) and you’ve noticed that the vast majority of which are tweaks in Cydia are not compatible with your device. Why? Here we try to give the answer.

To begin to address the issue we must make something clear: the vast majority of Cydia tweaks will not work on your iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone Retina 5s. This is something that many users have been able to check on their own and the “blame” lies exclusively in Apple.

Following the release of iOS Jailbreak 7 many users were encouraged to make Jailbreak their devices, including those who have recently purchased an iPad Air, an iPad or an iPhone Retina Mini 5s. However, the latter group has been found as to install some of the many tweaks that can be found in Cydia do not work, as they do in other models.

The first of the problems with these tweaks is compatible with the new iOS 7. As we reported, the publication of the tool to Jailbreak Evasi0n7 came as a surprise to everyone and as a result, most tweaks have not been optimized for the new OS.

However, if this were the only problem, the tweaks will not work in any version of the devices. So why the problem is only present in recent iPad and iPhone? The answer is simple, they all share a common same feature: the new 64-bit processor A7 Apple.

The A7 64 bit processor Apple is primarily responsible for non-function of Cydia tweaks

Therefore, the solution of the problem is to rewrite all of Cydia tweaks that are not compatible with the structure of 64 bits. The new Apple processor has changed a bit the game for all developers and this is something that affects all of them equally, both App Store and Cydia.

As we see in iPadItalia remains to be seen how much time has to pass for the most important Cydia tweaks are updated and compatible with the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone Retina 5s.






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