Ave María X 4

It all started with the video you sent Augustine Monteverde with the version of Ave Maria, Franz Schubert, by Mirusia Louwerse in the Basilica of St. Servaas, Maastricht, the Johann Strauss Orchestra with, conducted by maestro Andre Rieu-interpreting their Stradivarius violin 450 years and soprano Mirusia Louwerse formidable. We decided to look for other recommended Urgente24 versions of that tune. From the immortal version of Maria Callas, he vehemently version of Renée Fleming and warm version of Helene Fischer.
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Sheet Music Ave Maria, Franz Schubert.
The Ave Maria is a traditional Catholic prayer dedicated to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Prayer has biblical foundation in the Gospel of Luke and is the main prayer of the rosary. It consists of two parts. Annunciation of the Birth of Jesus by the Archangel Gabriel to Mary: in the first, 2 Bible passages cited “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you” and the other biblical passage is the greeting that the Holy Spirit inspired Elizabeth, when Mary goes to visit her: “You are blessed among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb!” (Lk 1: 42).
The Orthodox Churches and the Eastern Catholic only consider 1st. partly valid. Sometimes added the phrase “it is the Savior of our souls you sunlamps.”
Musically, it has been one of the main texts for creating music by composers since the Middle Ages or the Renaissance.
Famous and old versions are Giulio Caccini and Tomás Luis de Victoria, that of Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Franz Schubert.

Ave María-Schubert

Ave María-María Callas

Renée Fleming @ Ave Maria LIVE !!! Praha 2009




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