Build two skyscrapers and inaugurarlos before they realize that they have no elevator! !

In Benidorm, the tallest residential towers across the European Union, the “In Tempo”, a pair of 47-story skyscrapers united in its top are constructed.

Apparently everything was ready for the building was inaugurated with “fanfare”, however, at the last moment the contractors realized they had forgotten to build elevators.

In fact, the initial project included a 20-story building for an elevator was installed. Then, we decided to double its height, but inexplicably did not consider more elevators, only stairs.


This construction was carried out in medium irregularities and accidents. The “In Tempo”, intended as a symbol of progress in the midst of the Spanish economic crisis, were built by workers they were not paid for 4 months in 2010, and when the auxiliary hoist, masons used during work, collapsed injuring 13 people, ambulances could not reach it in time to serve them around the building lacked regulatory adjustments for this purpose.

The architects have quit the project and the unfinished building has been taken over by the Asset Management Company of the Bank Restructuring, a unit of bailout.

Although its opening was planned for 2009, the “In Tempo” remain incomplete, have sold only 35 percent of the 269 departments. Building is expected to be completed in December this year and the remaining departments, which incidentally are not equipped with elevator, will be sold at a lower cost than the rest.

Benidorm autonombra the “New York of the Mediterranean”, and although he has always enjoyed relative success with tourists from across Europe, currently suffering a crisis of visitors. Build the “Intempo” represented an effort by the city to show their supremacy.





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